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2017 graduate postgraduate exam tomorrow enrollment examination into the Yangzi Evening News (reporter Cai Yunqi) 2017 national entrance examination for postgraduates will be officially launched in October 10th. Candidates can be October 10th -31 9:00-22:00 daily login Chinese graduate admissions information network registration. Compared with previous years, this year the biggest change is the "postgraduate exam" into the examination. In the past many on-the-job graduate student applicants, only need to participate in the annual meeting of the national entrance examination, from 2017 onwards, on-the-job personnel to participate in the postgraduate entrance examination has experienced significant changes. Unlike in the past, on-the-job personnel of professional master’s degree enrollment will cancel the national exam, taking part-time in the form of graduate education into the national enrollment plan and unified national graduate entrance examination. According to the relevant notice of the Ministry of education, from 2017 onwards, the Ministry of education in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, according to full-time and part-time two categories were prepared and issued a national doctoral program, Graduate Enrollment plan. Full time and non full time graduate enrollment in accordance with the unified national examination requirements, the implementation of the same policies and standards. Experts explained that postgraduate examinations included examination, certificate of gold, to further enhance the students can get a double diploma, this is good. But in the examination, the difficulty of the exam must increase, apply for postgraduate students should be ready as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: