3-4 class north wind blowing cool Wuhan tomorrow the minimum temperature or only 15 degrees C-imjpmig

3-4 north wind cold Wuhan minimum temperature is only 15 degrees tomorrow or the newspaper news (reporter Fu Ying) into the cold dew solar term today, the first working day is a holiday after the end of the 3 to 4 level, in the north of the city, my coolness is getting stronger, tomorrow the minimum temperature may be only 15 degrees celsius. Yesterday during the day, the city is mainly cloudy weather, not a slight drop in temperature, the highest temperature in the afternoon compared to the day before yesterday fell about 1 degrees celsius. And this is only the prelude to our city cool, by the northerly airstream, today, my city, the wind increased, while the two day to have a wide range of rainfall, but the temperature will be lower in the north, the highest temperature at 24 DEG -26 DEG, the minimum temperature may be reduced to 15 degrees Celsius, sooner or later will be more and more concentrated chill. As the saying goes, the body is not exposed dew, dew foot not dew, dew season, cold air will be more frequent, cold weather trend will become more and more obvious, at night is hanqixiren, please add clothing to add, with particular attention to the feet warm, to prevent "cold from the foot down" a cold. Wuhan is expected to cloudy day today, temperature of 19 DEG -26 DEG 55%-95%, humidity, northerly winds 3 to 4. Tonight to tomorrow is cloudy, the temperature of 15 DEG -24 DEG, pianbeifeng level 3.相关的主题文章: