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5 year old children in the belly length of more than 200 worms, because usually love such Sohu mother Xiao Hong sudden stomach pain badly, his family took him to the local health hospital; Behold, take the medicine prescribed by the doctor, his stomach pain worse. Family had to take it to the county hospital for treatment, the doctor found that his condition is critical, emergency treatment, immediately transferred to First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College for treatment. The hospital doctor carefully examination, diagnosed as strangulated intestinal obstruction and intestinal necrosis, diffuse peritonitis, intestinal ascariasis, who has been in a state of shock convulsions, life on the verge of death or destruction, was immediately transferred to the pediatric ICU for emergency treatment. Small flood condition is relatively stable, the hospital pediatric surgeon to seize the opportunity to implement surgical treatment, out of more than 200 fat and long live worms from the stomach. Xiao Hong eventually become better, now change danger into safety, no harm. Is a kind of Ascaris after eating fruits and vegetables containing infected eggs and an intestinal parasite infection on. If children have poor health habits, such as not washing hands before and after meals, raw fruits and vegetables, are likely to lead to Ascaris infection. Once the baby is infected, worms will snatch the baby body nutrients, it is harmful for children in the stage of growth and development. In addition, the parasite will stimulate the baby’s immature gut, intestinal cramps, abdominal pain and nausea often lead to the baby. So, who must cultivate good personal hygiene, wash, do not drink unboiled water, fresh fruit to laundry or peeling, do not eat raw vegetables. However, before growing fruit and vegetables, most of them rely on Manure Fertilization, and now using fertilizer, so the chance of Ascaris infection compared with the previous a lot less. For parents, you can observe whether the child has a parasitic infection symptoms. For example, whether the child emaciation, picky eaters, often stomach pain (the pain is not serious, to the umbilicus, mainly) face whether round white spots, with no symptoms of molars. For symptomatic children, should be timely to see a doctor, see if you need to worm. By Ascaris stool node eggs in the investigation, but the investigation rate is very low, because of intestinal parasites to find eggs in the ovulation period to. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: