inhaled by the user in the lung absorption. Electronic cigarette built-in chip in the gas sensing device 男子在许愿池捞钱 嚣张办事员被辞退

Arts-and-Entertainment Electronic cigarette has what harm? More comprehensive perspective for your FAQ Along with the health of people living on chasing strengthening, electronic cigarette prices is bullish, this new" smokers" is more and more smokers accept, pursued. At the same time, the electronic smoke is each big media disclosure. Electronic cigarette has what harm? Let us first from the working principle of electronic cigarettes to speak of! electronic cigarette to nicotine solution by super pump pressure into the atomizing chamber, and then through the 2.2MHZ frequency ultrasonic atomization of high pressure to a diameter of about 0.5-1.5um droplet, inhaled by the user in the lung absorption. Electronic cigarette built-in chip in the gas sensing device, the device only through the mouth breathing occurs only when the atomization, and the micro processing chip control of its working state. The front end is provided with a red light emitting diode, when inspiration will flash. In this way, when smokers" pumping" electronic cigarette, the front of it will glow red, like a cigarette points with the appearance, but also can produce smoke, the smoke of incense, ex-smokers feel is true in smoke smoke. The cigarette can be in any public place smoking, not to others caused by passive smoking. Then, the electronic smoke it as it works to say without social effects of pollution? Please see the following voices from the experts! One, electronic cigarettes have what harm? Production enterprises such as is said Basco Vasconcelos lady was a computer consultant, she said:" electronic cigarette has changed my life, I want to introduce it to more people." Last year she started" non smoke ( cigarette )" company, and has sales in the 1500000 branch of electronic cigarettes. The company ‘s Web site did not shout health slogan, simply described as" fantastic electronic cigarette tobacco substitutes". Electronic cigarette smoking can help addicts to quit smoking easily. Nicotine addiction is causing the main ingredients, he can let a person produce euphoria and the produced dependence; through step by step to use nicotine concentration of smoke bombs, make smokers in maintaining a smoking status, imperceptibly to get rid of the habit, easily the purpose of smoking cessation. Two, electronic cigarettes have what harm? The United States of America research institutions such as is said American Association of public health dentists tobacco control team Joel had Dr Balch says, electronic cigarettes is currently on the market the most promising smoking cessation products. He said that, the product should be controlled, to ensure the production of standard. Some scientists have also suggested that electronic cigarettes, avoiding tobacco combustion process, so the harm may be much smaller than regular cigarettes, because cancer and smoking causes disease, mainly from the burning of tobacco toxin produced by. Three, electronic cigarette have what harm? Foreign smokers say Several former smokers say, in the use of electronic cigarettes, a few days later, they got out of the ordinary cigarette. " I breathe, sleep better." 42 year old Greg Hester said. He engaged in information system work in Atlanta, smokers over age 20 years. Mentioned the electronic cigarette vendors Basco Vasconcelos women, from the age of 14 smoking, once smoking two packs a day. She tried a nicotine patch and a few other things to help stop smoking, but failed. Until early 2009, she began to buy electronic cigarette, and has been used up to now. Four, electronic cigarettes have what harm? Domestic smokers say A Kunming advertising company Mr Huang had smoked a cigarette, electronic cigarettes on understanding is" no ordinary smoke smoke", began pumping feel little habits, smoking after a period of time, the ordinary cigarette use feeling a lot less, but still feel that" no foot cravings". 2011 electronic cigarette as holiday gifts and a cigarette substitute, and smoking cessation, and therefore sought after by Ms. Lee is referred to Changsha, electronic cigarette offered opened : buy this is curious, I didn’t buy electronic cigarette, is a friend introduced me to buy electronic cigarette, father’s Day gift, then that is my dad is not in good health, have said that many times the smoke to quit has not quit, father day was going to buy a big gift, I was afraid he might think me luxury, sent a box of electronic cigarettes, has been pumping up to now, I feel look much better, usually do not know smoking is still going on there are no spirit like, every day he pretended to go out to play anything, a box of cigarette with for a long time, the box anyway seems didn’t old, a few days before I go home when he said, the smoke than real smoke to light a little, but the smoke is smoke less, smoke up feeling very healthy without choking smoke, the feeling of the body no harm, the now habit, basic smoke smoke rarely, occasionally want to smoke two, now almost two days of smoke, I feel very good, a lot of people have asked him, he told the people said to be daughter to buy. tags electronic cigarette 相关的主题文章: