Man arrested for DUI after police called mixed in Ji’nan for many years carmex润唇膏

Man arrested for DUI after police said "mix in Ji’nan for many years" original title: Ji’nan man arrested for DUI after police said "mix in Ji’nan for many years" Ji’nan Qilu network February 3rd news (reporter Hu Feng) recently, Huaiyin police encountered a "suck" thing in the process of law enforcement in a 24 year old pickles factory workers, drink driving and trucks parked on the roadside a collision on the way to escape Lianzhuang and a plurality of merchant doors. Police rushed to the scene, Liu not only did not fear, but by the strength of wine and even hit the police two punches, and threatened to hit the police car. At present, Liu was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. On the evening of January 5th, he was a 26 year old restaurant in the two floor of a big market in Xisha. 20 points, 6 minutes. He’s ready to go downstairs after dinner, and move his van. Did not expect to come to a floor when they heard bang bang, he went out and saw his truck hit badly, the body was tilted, while the vehicle did not stop at the scene, but the way to escape to the west. At this time, he will be riding a shop on the door of a tricycle to catch up with the west, a mother called the alarm phone. After chasing more than 200 meters, the accident van didn’t know what was stuck, stopped in situ and couldn’t move. Covered with the alcohol in the driver after getting off at the road: "I mixed in Ji’nan so many years, how can you." Subsequently, Huaiyin Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police rushed to the scene of the West outer ring and its control. "In the process of controlling the driver, the other side has been shouting, and even hit the police two punches, to dissuade the auxiliary police were not spared. The driver was on the car trunk, beating police, threatened to smash the car." West outer ring squadron instructor Hou Xianghai said, after the police scene investigation, the accident vehicles in addition to hit a truck, but also crashed 4 shops rolling door. Subsequently, the police took it back to the squadron, and arrange 120 staff to carry out blood test. Reporters learned that this year, 24 year old driver Liu is a pickle factory workers in Ji’nan. More than 2 in the afternoon of the incident, Liu drove to seven miles Fort market delivery, more than 6 in the evening to Xisha District Commercial Street, a restaurant for dinner, drank about 4 two liquor during the period. Around 8 p.m., Liu drove from the commercial street, along the second ring road from north to south to the South Gate of Xisha market right turn, after entering the market, it happened the beginning of the scene. After blood alcohol detection, the results showed that 232mg 100ml, already belongs to drunk driving vehicle. At present, the driver Liu was arrested for drunken driving, has been under criminal detention by the police. Editor in chief: Xu Tong SN155

男子酒驾被抓后打警察 称“在济南混了好多年”   原标题:济南男子酒驾被抓后打警察 称“在济南混了好多年”   齐鲁网济南2月3日讯(记者 扈枫)近日,槐荫交警在执法过程中遇到了一件“闹心”的事儿:一名24岁的酱菜厂工人,喝完酒后开车与停在路边的货车发生碰撞,逃逸途中又连撞多个商户卷 帘门。民警赶到现场,刘某不但没害怕,反倒借着酒劲连打民警两拳,并扬言打砸警车。目前,刘某因涉嫌醉酒驾驶,被刑事拘留。   1月5日晚,26岁的贺某在西沙大市场的一家店铺二楼吃饭。20点6分,他吃完饭准备去楼下,将自己的货车挪动一下。没想到快到一楼时便听见“嘭”一声巨响,贺某出门一看,自己的货车被撞得面目全非,车身被撞倾斜,而肇事车辆并没有停在现场,而是一路向西逃逸。   这时,贺某便骑上店铺门口的一辆三轮车向西追赶,贺某的母亲拨打了报警电话。追出200余米左右后,肇事面包车不知被什么东西卡住,停在原地动弹不得。满身酒气的司机下车后骂骂咧咧道:“我在济南混了这么些年,你能怎么的。”   随后,槐荫交警大队西外环中队民警赶到现场并将其控制。“在控制肇事司机的过程中,对方一直大喊大叫,并连打民警两拳,前来劝阻的辅警也未能幸 免。司机被按在警车后备箱上时,用力捶打警车,扬言要将车砸烂。”西外环中队教导员侯祥海说,经过民警现场勘查,肇事车辆除撞到贺某的货车外,还撞坏4家 商铺的卷帘门。   随后,民警将其带回中队,并安排120工作人员对其进行抽血检测。记者了解到,今年24岁的司机刘某为济南一家酱菜厂的工人。事发当天下午2点 多,刘某驾车去七里堡市场送货,晚上6点多到西沙小区商业街一家饭店吃饭,期间喝了大约4两白酒。晚上8点左右,刘某便驾车从商业街出发,沿二环西路由北 向南到西沙市场南门右转,进入市场后,便发生了开始的一幕。   经过血液酒精检测,其结果显示为232mg 100ml,已经属于醉酒驾驶机动车。目前,肇事司机刘某因涉嫌醉酒驾驶,已被警方刑事拘留。 责任编辑:徐童 SN155相关的主题文章: