Five early autumn health tips to remember 特命战队go busters

Five early autumn health tips to keep health care in autumn is also a good season, disease prevention, health care in autumn should pay attention to some of the details of life. For example, getting up in the morning is also exquisite. Here is a small series to see how to get up in the morning health care? (1) pay attention to the early morning and early morning, good health, some people walk into a misunderstanding, think the sooner the better the morning. However, according to the characteristics of night sleep in modern life, we should not get too early to ensure adequate sleep, generally about 6 hours. (2) the morning slow rise not too fast, not in a hurry to dress and wash, to eat breakfast, go out of the house to go to work rash and too much in haste. This too fast rhythm can make it difficult for a body to sleep overnight. For a long time, it will cause circulatory system, digestive system dysfunction, and even lead to disease. The correct way is to wake up in the morning, lie down for a while and get up, gradually accelerate the pace, do a good job after work to cope with heavy physical and mental preparation. (3) able to sleep all the systems of the body activity slowed down, some metabolic waste failed to discharge in vitro, therefore, the morning the first thing that should be Tugunaxin, first developed a good habit of defecation. After getting up, we should immediately open the window and change the air of the "dirty air" as soon as possible. At the same time, should drink a cup of boiling water, salt water a little better, and it has the same cool white boiling water wash the gastrointestinal function, to prevent the oral, gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory diseases is also quite good. (4) make good use of breakfast, not only to eat, but also to eat better, in order to meet the heavy work or study needs in the morning. (5) outdoor activities which is an important part of the health of the morning. Morning to near the air fresh and clean place, such as parks, woods, square, river etc., breathe fresh air, further renewal, and fitness activities. The principle is to follow, not overdo sth..

秋季养生早起五个小常识需谨记   秋季也是一年保健养生的好时节,预防疾病,秋季保健要注意一些生活细节。比如早上起床也是有讲究的。下面就跟小编来看看早上起床如何保健养生?   (1)早起时间要注意   早睡早起身体好,有的人却走进一个误区,认为早上起床越早越好。但根据现代生活夜间普遍晚睡的特点,为保障充足的睡眠,不宜起得过早,一般以6时左右为宜。   (2)早晨缓起   起床不宜过急,不宜匆匆忙忙地穿衣、洗漱,狼吞虎咽地吃早餐,风风火火地走出家门去上班。这种过快的节奏会使安睡一夜的身体难以适应。久之,会引起循环系统、消化系统功能紊乱,甚至会导致疾病的发生。正确的做法是,早晨睡醒后可躺一会儿再起床,逐渐加快节奏,做好上班后应付繁重任务的躯体和心理准备。   (3)吐故纳新   睡眠时全身各个系统活动减慢,一些代谢废物未能及时排出体外,因此,晨间第一件事应该吐故纳新,即养成先大小便的良好习惯。起床后要立即开窗换气,将室内的“污秽之气”尽快地排出去。同时,应该饮一杯白开水,水中稍加食盐效果更好,它除了有和凉白开水同样的洗刷肠胃道的作用外,对预防口腔、胃肠疾病和呼吸系统疾病也颇有益。   (4)用好早餐   早餐不仅一定要吃,而且要吃得好些,以满足上午繁重的工作或学习之需要。   (5)室外活动   这是晨间养生的一项重要内容。早晨到附近空气新鲜、洁净的地方,如公园、树林、广场、河边等处,呼吸新鲜空气,进一步地“吐故纳新”,同时进行适宜的健身活动。原则是量力而行,适可而止。相关的主题文章: