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Learn to master: tired how to do tired how to do? Put it down on the back of the very heavy stones to walk, tired how to do? Let go. The Dhamma is not reasonable, right, does not mean that the heart is "right". The focus is always on practice this heart of good and evil, and. When we feel bitter, trouble is born, is to change the time. How to change? Change one’s knowledge, ideas, behavior. Turn someone else to ask for their own, the heart into the heart of compassion, the cold language into warm words. Work is a part of life, not an enemy. Remember: nothing is perfect, but to have a clear conscience. First control the body language, and then control the idea; first to control the rough idea, and then transferred to the idea of a slight. The first step is to make their own life has a law, every day can have a general plan, what time to do something, and strive to implement the plan. Slowly, from coarse to fine, cultivate your mind, take a live environment force. If not to tolerate evil, is for their own troubles in taming, don’t let the external world to lead their own inner thoughts, only in this way can more effectively to promote healthy, good progress. On the other hand, if not carry on to anger, hatred, evil for evil, will only expand the hatred, since he breaks. It is to see the change of Buddhism as the foundation, otherwise easy to fall into the evil set. Buddhist practice including Salford and Vipassana two, complementary, not contradictory. Hard points and methods in different stages and different people are different, we do not know someone’s realm and heart, should not wild speculation or judgmental.相关的主题文章: