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The main features: Theory of Chinese civilization – original title: the main features of Chinese civilization (all mine) Chinese civilization is the only one without interruption in the world. In the long process of historical development, Chinese civilization has formed the following main features. The same, stage. The Chinese civilization is a continuous, continuous development, showing a significant stage. A stage of energy depletion will change, the change of blood flow, then the growth and development, so the spiral, the Chinese civilization has vitality, so far, is the so-called "the poor are changed, change the pass, long general". Although the development of Chinese civilization, but there is no intermittent and transfer. Today we can read thousands of years ago in ancient literature, a scripture motto is also active in our daily language. In the history of evolution, the center of Chinese civilization has been moved many times, but the whole history is staged in the vast expanse of the eastern part of the Eurasian continent. We live in the cottage, perhaps is the site of a Dynasty palace; we both go, have a deep history cannot wield, indelible sense. Today, poor and backward places, perhaps once in history. A stone tablet, an old tree, a mountain, a river, is often a witness of history, there are stories in the folk spread, showing a profound cultural heritage. Born of the Chinese people, your divine consciousness, in the practice of life or unconsciously heritage of Chinese civilization, and continue to give it a fresh breath. Accumulate gradually, rich heritage. Chinese civilization has not been interrupted, mainly by the continuous accumulation of civilization. This accumulation is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, a large number of written documents written by the text; two is a large number of objects, including artifacts, monuments, sites, etc.. The former such as historical literature, civilization thousands of years continuously recorded in historical records, the history is only 25 much, and "Tongdian" "literature tongkao" the "annals" of "de" and unofficial notes. The Chinese civilization in the history books preserved in the multitude, which is unique in the world, is a highly developed civilization phenomenon. The latter, such as archaeological data, since twentieth Century, a large number of archaeological discoveries, so that the Chinese civilization, especially the source of Chinese civilization has been more and more clear and accurate physical proof, which is very impressive. In addition, there are oral cultural tradition, around the colorful folk customs and so on. "Unification" and "Xing" as usual, "crack" and "bad" for different. The Chinese civilization has evolved in the process of unification and division, prosperity and decline, but it is characterized by unity and prosperity. Some scholars statistics, since the Xia Dynasty about 4000 years, splitting time for a total of 1200 years, and unified time is 2700 years. Even in the era of separation, are not willing to sacrifice the long corner separatist regime, but the pursuit of unity as the most important goal. Generally speaking, unity and prosperity and decline of roughly in the division of basic synchronization. Xia and Shang Wednesday, especially in the Western Zhou Dynasty, civilization reached a considerable height. To the spring and Autumn period, ritual collapse, princes SAT)相关的主题文章: