10 strokes and three white cavalry charge clearance Guide pp点点通2006

10 strokes and three white cavalry charge clearance guide [Abstract] Based on the classic theme of SLG strategy Webpage Game 37 "cavalry charge", get a lot of praise in the strategy game fans, just for the novice white into the pit, how can the rapid rise, as a new generation of three overlord? Xiaobian immediately to give you advice! First strokes: Qi team adventure, quickly earn experience in the country is fighting the novice game player experience comes, including generals death experience, against the wall experience, therefore, in the release of tactical experience, limited food, the proposed pre 3~5 people at the same time to attack a city, by the rapid clearance of NPC against the wall, and release tactics in attack, game player can earn a lot of experience. Second strokes: food before consumption, army coup in order to upgrade the pre novice needs to consume a large amount of food, in addition to upgrading farmland and perform counterinsurgency missions, the game also provides a very useful food channel — national government "in the wasteland". When food shortages, the world map will refresh the garrison task. The highest grain Mita reserves of 110 largest granary game player, so the game player in the implementation of wasteland, don’t forget to upgrade the level of granary oh. Third strokes: the golden ten hours, spending gold production time to control the market and farmland is 10 hours per day, more than 10 hours, the income gained by the game player will be directly reduced by 50%, therefore, online after 10 hours, players must enter thrifty mode, pay attention to the reasonable distribution of resources on hand. Fourth strokes: Treasure gift hero, and develop more weapons to strengthen generals to level 5, the system will open the generals loyalty hidden treasures, to generals can strengthen its defense, property, need to pay attention to is the treasure given will be unloaded, so suggest yellow or generals to give treasure oh! Fifth strokes: the city also stars, finding fault to see the map of the world city will randomly rising star, will appear in the chat box. In the 1 Star City, the city will increase the number of guards, and there were special forces guarded; while in the 2 Star City, the total strength of the offensive will decrease from 50 to 40, the total defense forces but will increase from 50 to 60, NPC will increase and there were special forces. Before you can siege game player to stay an eye oh. Sixth strokes: the siege by the Treasury, the prize fight every battle hand speed in all games will consume a large number of troops and game player, added to the corresponding resource consumption strength. If the game player involved in the fighting, we must remember that a map of the world siege reward, click on the game player in 2 minutes to collect expired. In addition, it exploits the top 3 game player also received thunder × 1, display the thunder in the battle, the enemy can all directly within the scope of seckill! Seventh strokes: boss money, choose learning through participation in the war, the city completed the world events, complete military affairs, game player can get medals, medals can be opened to meet the requirements of the "monarch reward", reward incentives are divided into direct access to silver and two opening celebration. If you choose to directly obtain the silver award directly fetched, without consuming too much time and frequent operation; if you choose celebration, operation time is longer, but the charge can randomly get firecrackers and silver coins:相关的主题文章: