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Australian media: China electric vehicle is on the verge of a major reshuffle   90% – car manufacturers will exit — original title: Australian media: China electric vehicle is on the verge of a major reshuffle of 90% manufacturers will be out of Australia "Asian Financial Review" in the August 30th article, the original title: the new regulations lead to China most electric cars start-ups face out of dilemma of     Chinese with the government of the Hatsubasa Mitoyo electric car manufacturers to implement more stringent technical standards, and consider the number of such car prices is limited to 10 or less, the electric car industry — China currently has more than and 200 companies – by many billionaires support, is on the verge of a major reshuffle. China Automobile Industry Association, a senior executive said the move is intended to the survival of the fittest, or will force up to 90% of electric vehicle start-ups (within two years) out. Currently only 2 such companies have been allowed to produce cars, and another 3 said it was planning approval. While China is trying to manage the haze, Ma Yun, Terry Gou, and other investors have invested in alternative energy automotive industry at least $2 billion to the u.s.. Generous government subsidies helped to create a "gold rush". This has raised concerns that the industry is stuck in too many (Chinese) companies that lack technology, and can’t create electric or hybrid vehicles comparable to Tesla’s.. China is already the world’s largest new energy vehicle market. "Yes, we emphasize the support of the development of new energy vehicles, but should allow anyone to come in?" Executive vice president of China Automobile Industry Association Dong Yang said that the Ministry is considering a number of such start-ups is limited to 10 or less, but does not include SAIC and BYD is the development of new energy vehicles China traditional car prices. In a public opinion regulation published this month, the Ministry of industry lists 17 of the technologies necessary to sell electric vehicles to ensure that the industry is "healthy". Experts said the current situation is not too many Qualifying Company dragons and fishes jumbled together. Some of them are just speculators, industry experts Yin Chengliang said, the government had to raise the threshold." Meanwhile, the Chinese government plans to gradually abolish subsidies after 2020. If some companies have neither the core technology can not build brand, once the cash burned soon. (translated by Wang Huicong) (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: