2016 Tmall double 11 2.5 hours over 50 billion transactions you chop hands 月丘うさぎ

2016 Tmall double 11 2.5 hours over 50 billion transactions you chop hands? Sina Technology News Beijing on November 11th news, in the hundreds of millions of hand chop party their efforts, this year after Tmall double eleven shopping Carnival opening 52 seconds, turnover to 1 billion yuan, 6 minutes and 58 seconds, the total turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan. Last year, Alibaba 12 minutes to break 10 billion yuan in 28 seconds, breaking the previous year, 37 yuan, 10 billion yuan. Last night with Ma’s magic "show", international famous actress Scarlett Johnson sitting in a helicopter in the gymnasium of Shenzhen Universiade Sport center stage, the nearly 4 hours of "2016 Tmall double eleven carnival night" atmosphere to a climax, then the "magician" horse and audience together with fireworks double eleven, open the world is already sleepless days. 2016 Tmall global double 11 Carnival opening 14 minutes and 16 seconds, the total turnover of over 19 billion 100 million yuan, turnover exceeded 2012 double 11 all day long, 01:00:572016 Tmall double 11 Carnival global turnover of over 36 billion 200 million yuan, more than double in 2013 11, wireless transactions accounted for more than 84.3%. 02:30:202016 Tmall 11 global Carnival transaction amount over $50 billion, the amount of wireless transactions accounted for more than 83.72%. Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong wired media center, said this year eleven after 1 hours, the two data record, namely the opening create order of transactions reached 175 thousand per second from last year’s record is 140 thousand pen, pen. The data also created another record, reaching 120 thousand pens per second, last year with a total of 85 thousand and 900 pens. The payment terms, this year 11, Alipay payment for 1 hours, more than 188 million pens in 2013 double 11 all day long. 1 hours and 06 minutes, the number of payments to break through the pen 200 million. 1 hours ago, Alipay’s mobile payments accounted for 90% of the number of people in the pen, the payment has been basically completed the transfer from the PC to the mobile terminal, and in 3 years ago, using a mobile phone to pay, for many people, is still quite strange. Double 11 logistics speed and then break the record, opening only 13 minutes, the first single package has been successfully sent to the hands of the people of Foshan! The first cross-border single appeared in Hangzhou, 28 minutes to complete the sign. This year, 11 pairs, the industry will have a staff of the first line of the input into the double 11 express service, which grew by more than 50% last year, the main line of vehicles grew by about 59%, air capacity increased by about 40%.相关的主题文章: