Mercedes Benz released the concept of automatic driving truck, equipped with two unmanned aircraft d jcuv是什么车

Benz auto driving concept truck, equipped with two UAV delivery – Sohu technology recently, Mercedes Benz released the Vision Van concept for high-tech truck logistics. The truck is powered by a 100 horsepower electric motor with a mileage of up to 168 miles (about 270 km) and its zero emissions in line with any of the city’s emission standards. The truck roof has two carrying weight of 4.4 pounds (about 2 kg) of the UAV, can be delivered to 6 miles (about 10 km), and then fly back to the roof, the whole process is fully automatic. When the UAV take off delivery or truck unloading, the body of the LED signal light will light up. The cabin is equipped with automatic warehouse shelves and containers, loading is fully automated, all controlled by the computer system of driving information. Source: FoxNews no steering wheel in the car, there is no pedal, everything is controlled by a small control rod on the left side of the cabin, the vehicle will automatically travel in the specified route. The driver’s job is to deliver the package to the user, and monitor the delivery process, in case of an emergency can immediately take control. According to Motortrend reports, Mercedes Benz light commercial vehicle department head Volker Mornhinweg said that this technology is expected to improve the efficiency of delivery services 50%. The concept car is full of Benz part of an ambitious strategy, they are with the parent company Daimler (Daimler) a want to overhaul its commercial vehicle business, no longer limited to the design, planning, manufacturing and sales of commercial vehicle hardware, but to provide a full set of transport services. Photograph: blog.caranddriver "adVANce" according to the plan, Daimler and Silicon Valley startups software engineers, carpool service providers and logistics experts to carry out cooperation, to create a new business model for the commercial vehicle business department. As for the concept of high-tech truck, Mornhinweg said: commercialvehicle should be familiar with the car goods, destination and reasonable delivery time, it is like a wheel of the commercial center, a digital network node on Internet of things. Photograph: Mercedes-Benz in January last year, Mercedes Benz also released a highly automatic driving ability of the F015 concept car, avant-garde style, also equipped with LED tail lights, front and rear seat together can play a game of mahjong, and the same "style Vision Van". Image source: CNET相关的主题文章: