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The wind control regulations implemented since October 64 brokerages hastily added net capital of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money in October formally implemented the "securities risk control index management measures", for many firms, is undoubtedly of net capital deadline. Insufficient scale of net capital has become a short board for the development of many brokerages, the desire to expand the net capital is increasingly strong. The listing of securities, Guoyuan securities has just announced in September 22nd the non-public offering of A shares plan (Revised), raising the amount of not more than 4 billion 287 million yuan; and in late June this year, Sealand securities issued shares of Securities for public issuance plans, fund-raising amount is not more than 5 billion yuan, the company prospectus program are mentioned in almost a common purpose — to increase the company’s capital, net capital expansion. This year, not only the listing broker, part of the case is not listed in the case of small and medium sized large capital increase. Prior to the listing of Bohai securities has just announced the completion of the two rounds of financing and start the listing, in the new three board Hualong securities that throws 10 billion yuan fixed increase plan. This round of net capital expansion of Societe Generale Securities, SW Hong Yuan Securities, Tibet Oriental Fortune Securities rankings have greatly improved. Multi channel capital according to the brokerage brokerage brokerage Chinese reporter, currently the capital has diversified: in addition to constant growth, financing securities listed on the new board, property rights trading center and even local area, can let a broker to increase demand. From the stock point of view, the first half of this year there are 3 brokerages to complete rights. Societe Generale Securities, Pacific Securities, Northeast Securities and Societe Generale Securities and Pacific Securities in January to complete the placement, respectively, to raise funds of about 12 billion 258 million yuan and 4 billion 298 million yuan; Northeast Securities in April this year to 9.08 Yuan stock price, the number of placing a total of approximately 383 million 287 thousand shares, raising a total of about 3 billion 480 million yuan. The released allotment plan includes Western securities, sealand securities. Western securities Western securities in April this year, the disclosure of the Securities Disclosure rights issue plan. According to the announcement, the Western securities intends to be placed in accordance with the ratio of 10 shares per share of not more than 3 shares to all shareholders, is expected to raise the total amount of funds not more than 5 billion yuan. Sealand securities in June 24th this year, Sealand securities issued shares of Securities for public issuance plan, proposed by the allotment of raising the amount of not more than 5 billion yuan, after deducting the cost of issue will be used to increase the company’s capital to supplement working capital, optimize business structure, expand the scale of business especially the scale of business innovation, enhance the company’s profitability and the ability to resist risks. In addition to the financing, including the implementation of growth. State securities September 22nd release of non-public offering of A shares plan (Revised), is expected to issue the number of non-public offering of A shares is not more than 302 million 500 thousand shares, the price is determined as 14.17 yuan shares, is expected to raise the total amount of not more than 4 billion 287 million yuan. Theory of securities in China相关的主题文章: