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How to rescue a landslide in Lishui Science – technology – original title: Lishui landslides how scientific rescue by the fourteenth typhoon this year, "Meranti" and the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" has affected the south of Zhejiang, Southwest Zhejiang sustained heavy rainfall. At 17:28 on September 28th Xu, Zhejiang City, Lishui Province, north of the town of village, the village of natural landslides occurred in the village of Haruki. The face of disaster, how to develop solutions for risk, scientific rescue, prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters? 29 afternoon, science and Technology Daily reporter connected to the school of architecture and engineering, Zhejiang University, director of the Department of hydrology, Water Resources Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Professor Ran Qihua. Science and Technology Daily: what is the main reason for the occurrence of landslides in Lishui? Ran Qihua: because of geological reasons, there may be sliding surface of the mountain, when experiencing heavy rainfall heavy rain infiltration, on the one hand to increase weight leads to higher mountain sliding force, the other is the infiltration of rain and water as a lubricant in the sliding surface, resulting in mountain body instability. Science and Technology Daily: how to reduce the minimum disaster relief? Ran Qihua: Lishui mountain to the sliding soil, and rich vegetation, steep mountains, there are two possible sliding. As rainfall continues, the rescue should pay special attention to the displacement of the sliding surface of the mountain to monitor, to avoid the possibility of the two landslide disaster rescue workers, causing greater casualties. The landslide has blocked the village next to the creek, resulting in Lake, soil damming such naturally formed no anti-seepage anti scouring ability, sooner or later will break; considering the next few days will have local rainfall, increase the risk of dam break. On the one hand that the timely evacuation of downstream residents, on the other hand, timely elimination work of damming body, such as the flood discharge trench excavation, reduce the water level of the lake. In addition to reduce the lake water level will also help to reduce the two landslide risk. Science and Technology Daily: lessons learned from this landslide, how can we do to prevent disaster in the future? Ran Qihua: in the long run, we should do: in the process of water conservancy, agriculture, transportation, environment, ecological construction, should fully consider the project possible disaster effects, carry out the relevant assessment of disaster; residential and other important project site should pay attention to avoid the possible landslide (as happened landslide area) and the potential debris flow area (alluvial fan at the outlet of the mountain valley); to already exist in the high risk areas of villages, power stations, reservoirs and other important targets, analysis of prediction of risk monitoring work, should be more. The underground water level, soil water content and soil displacement around the landslide body or the important target can be monitored in real time, and all kinds of non engineering measures should be taken to carry out the early warning of the sudden geological disasters. (Huan Jianxin) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Yang Yang Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: