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The Ministry of Commerce five measures to push the reform of domestic circulation industry in 13th Five-Year will be released the Planning Ministry of Commerce to promote the reform of domestic circulation industry "13th Five-Year" planning upcoming / reporter Zhao Jing, editor of the Ze source is connected to a production, one attached to the consumer, in the economic transition period, the importance of trade flow has become increasingly prominent. There are even comments on this as the blood and nerves of the national economy. Recently, domestic circulation accelerate innovation to promote the supply side structural reform of television and telephone conference held in Beijing, the meeting, Vice Premier Wang Yang to further promote the domestic circulation of reform and innovation to make deployment again. Five measures to push the domestic circulation reform in the Ministry of Commerce conference yesterday, spokesman Shen Danyang said the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will take five measures to implement the ocean Deputy Prime Minister in speeding up the innovation to promote the domestic circulation of television and telephone conference on the deployment of supply side structural reform. These five measures, including through the strengthening of the dynamic management of Chinese Time-honored Brand breeding, strengthen the improvement of service consumption, automobile consumption, green consumption supply work, improve the policy system of domestic circulation supply transformation, expanding consumption hot spots; from the construction of a unified market, promote an important product traceability system, carry out the business integrity system construction pilot, strengthen the infringement and counterfeiting crackdown work of rectifying and standardizing the domestic circulation market order, improve the consumption environment of supply; vigorously promote the adoption of online and offline interaction and upgrading, in-depth implementation of the "Internet plus circulation" action plan transformation fast circulation, promote the development of interactive online and offline, expand the channels of the new building the pattern of supply and consumption; enhance the welfare of agricultural products wholesale market of agricultural products, cold chain circulation infrastructure construction Design, strengthening the circulation standardization construction, improve the consumption supply conditions to expand; grasp the domestic distribution system to promote the business development of integrated pilot, comprehensive law enforcement, accelerate the construction of service consumption statistics system and domestic distribution laws and regulations, improve the supply system to expand consumption. The industry "13th Five-Year" planning will be at a press conference was informed that the Ministry of Commerce, — "domestic trade circulation" 13th Five-Year "development plan" top-level design guidance of domestic circulation industry in the next five years the development of the end of the month is expected to be officially released. The other two "starting point" for the "two-year action plan" and "ten years of the programme of action". Shen Danyang introduced, in accordance with the upcoming release of the "domestic trade circulation" 13th Five-Year "development plan", will highlight the supply side structural reform, the implementation of the circulation and upgrading strategy, around nine tasks: to promote business innovation and transformation, improve the circulation of solid supply level, promote the upgrading of consumption structure, improve the level of information flow, strengthen standardization construction, promote circulation circulation intensive development, coordinated development between urban and rural areas, strengthen the opening-up and cooperation and create a rule of law from the facilitation of business environment, perfect the management mechanism, increase financial support, adjust and optimize the tax policy, optimize land support elements, promote the talent team construction, improve the statistical monitoring system, implement the plan to promote the mechanism and so on. "Two years action plan" refers to, by about two years, the implementation of the "speed up the domestic circulation of innovation to promote the supply side structural reforms to expand consumer action plan", deepening the reform of circulation, strengthen the innovation and transformation; in-depth implementation of the "Internet plus circulation.相关的主题文章: