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The old man with the "health" drink water multiple organ damage dying old man with the original title: "foreign health care products" drink water multiple organ damage dying in October 30th, Changsha Central Hospital, the doctor shows the week of the master drink water used by medicine". Figure reporter Gu Pengbo a lot of people traveling abroad, will bring some health care products to the elderly at home. In fact, because the ingredients are unknown, taking dose unclear, these health products may not be suitable for domestic consumption of the elderly. Recently, a 73 year old due to drink water causes the body organ damage with the "health" of Malaysia. Voices Online reported Changsha (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wu Wenfang correspondent Gao Lin) October 30th, Changsha Central Hospital, 73 year old Mr. Zhou (a pseudonym) lying in ICU remain unconscious. Put down his friend, is brought from Malaysia "unidentified" and "medicine", is part of a class of plant leaves, bark like other part. Up to now, no one knows the real identity of these herbs. The week of the master with these drugs have been soaked in water to drink more than a week, he became poor appetite, vomiting and dark brown objects. Doctors found blood tests, his body organs are damaged. At present, the week of the master is not out of danger. Unidentified items drink water exceed the standard 200 times week master liver enzyme is Changsha people, have two daughters and one son, but he did not live with her children. Because of suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and so on, Zhou master’s medicine has a large bag, used to reduce blood sugar. Last week, a friend from Malaysia travel home, brought him some of the famous local health products, claiming to be able to treat diabetes". Mr. Zhou began to drink water a day. After that, he started from time to time, nausea and vomiting, also could not eat. However, because there is no other serious symptoms of abdominal pain, he did not timely medical treatment. The evening of October 28th, because of drowsiness, vomiting, body weakness, her daughter will be sent to the Central Hospital of Changsha emergency department. "When you get here, people are dehydrated". Ding Ning, deputy director of the emergency department physician Changsha Central Hospital, blood tests, liver enzymes, high master week, 200 times higher than the normal level, which means that in addition to acute liver failure; acute kidney injury and coagulopathy, considering multiple organ failure. See the check list, Ding Ning still can not believe, liver enzymes, more than 200 times, this is his first time to see a doctor. Lead to multiple organ failure, either poisoning, or is a basic disease. Ding Ning asked Mr. Zhou family after that week master with some sort of "medicine" has been soaked in water to drink for a long time. "In this case, we can consider the drug poisoning caused by systemic organ damage." Ding Ning introduction. Zhou’s children say they do not know what the specific medicine." Ding Ning said. Subsequently, the master was transferred to the ICU ward blood purification treatment. The water "medicine" is a leaf a bark like "the situation is not very good." 30 on the afternoon of 5, Changsha Central Hospital Peng相关的主题文章: