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This opening of the Zhuhai air show Chinese "sophisticated" will be unveiled (map) image: October 31st, China’s first self-developed large transport – transport -20 airshow reposes in the static display area. Xinhua News Agency issued the original title: Zhuhai airshow opening today China "sophisticated" wonderful debut eleventh China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition ("Zhuhai airshow") opened today. Advanced aircraft, missile, rocket and radar, has been the focus of the world famous airshow, is an important platform to showcase the overall strength of military enterprises. With the F – 20, transport 20, "Long March" "fast boat" rocket series as the representative of the exhibits exhibit completed, the Zhuhai air show "will show what wonderful people, and how to reflect the new height of Chinese aerospace development? Reporters learned from the organizers, the show exhibits structure, the quality of the exhibition and the aviation industry open cooperation has leapt to a new height. China aviation industry articles "20 series" debut reporter from October 31st at the Chinese Aviation Industry Corp press conference was informed that a number of products on display 70 aircraft industry in the November 1st opening of the China airshow, including the transport of 20 large transport aircraft, annihilates – 20 fighter jets, "falcon Eagle fighter" as the representative of the "20 series" cross generation equipment, display aircraft industry in 20 years of aviation equipment from the second generation to the fourth generation of cross. AVIC general manager Tan Ruisong said that this year is the twentieth year China airshow, China aviation industry as one of the organizers, will continue to show the Chinese airshow as the home court, with "over twenty years of development" as the theme, through the 11 major categories of more than 160 core aviation products and systems for the large-scale Chinese airshow. Much annihilates – 20 of global concern aircraft debuted for the first time, and the flight display; Air Force transport – 20 after the first public appearance, the two together exhibitors, of which 1 aircraft for the first time for the public static exhibition, 1 aircraft flight performance. Aerospace Defense exhibits now, the world’s commercial space has been developed from the traditional satellite launch, satellite applications to commercial space manned flight, the dream of mankind into the era of space is getting closer. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation will exhibit nearly two years of the latest scientific and technological achievements of a total of 422 products, including the Temple No. two, No. six long march rocket launchers, and high four satellite models were unveiled to the public for the first time. Chinese CASIC will display China’s first has the advantages of low cost, rapid integration and rapid orbit innovation characteristics of small solid rocket – fast boat one solid rocket launch, as well as China’s strongest, maximum takeoff mass, the maximum diameter of the rocket body model of solid rocket – fast boat No. eleven Solid Launch rocket. A coup in the face of the information age of air defense information coming round, air defense system construction has changed? CASIC exhibited the whole airspace air defense missile weapon equipment has reached the world advanced level: short-range missile weapon system is a new generation of FM3000 and regional air defense battle weapons, reached world leading level; FL2000C end of air defense missile weapon system to enemy helicopters and UAVs can not be implemented on the attack, as armed helicopter and uav.相关的主题文章: