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Please, you must master these 5 key words before delivery! – the mother and child of the Sohu, a sacred event, holy to easy to let the mother quasi father of all kinds of tension and anxiety, and even fear. Before delivery, we will all kinds of curiosity, fantasy, since the birth, is how the situation… In order to make their dream closer to reality, bah, is to let oneself more smooth delivery, there are several common sense that we must first make sure. It’s really the point, the most basic nouns. Many people do not know the true meaning of some common terms… 1, show the majority of mothers launched 24-48 hours before delivery, there will be a small amount of bloody vaginal discharge, sometimes accompanied by mucus discharge, which is called the red. Red is a more reliable delivery sign, but should pay attention to the time problem mentioned above, see red, not necessarily immediately there will be pain, if found red, not too alarmed, can even look at a little, and then decide what time to go to the hospital. Not to say that a red panic, to family hurried to the hospital. Ps: Red hemorrhage rarely, if more than the amount of menstruation, you should alert if they are late pregnancy bleeding. 2, most people are familiar with breaking water. Is the rupture of the membranes, vaginal outflow of water. After the water break, some prospective mother will be the pattern of backache, abdominal distension and pain sensation. Broken water really need to pay attention to! Because of the natural membrane rupture, is the first stage of labor in formal labor "". So, after the water, to seek medical treatment immediately, keep the vulva clean, avoid standing position. 3, labor process, is the whole process of childbirth, is a complete continuous process. From the beginning of the formal labor, delivery of the placenta to date. Clinically, the doctor will be divided into 3 stages of labor. The first stage: from the beginning to the rules of pain, the cervix is fully open the second stage of labor: from the cervix is fully open to the fetus third stage: from the fetus to the placenta to the baby? It depends on your birth process, in general, from the beginning of the clinic, to the palace mouth full expansion, to the baby is born, the whole process takes about 12-14 hours. 4, induction of labor, many people will feel that abortion is a means of abortion. But in fact, the definition of the doctor induced labor, is not the case. Second, refers to the maternal not natural labor, or the need for early delivery (such as it is not appropriate to continue the pregnancy), uterine contraction induced by artificial methods, make it into the normal production process, and complete the delivery. Induction of labor may be a means of abortion, but not limited to this. A lot of 28 weeks after the induction of pregnancy, in order to let the baby as soon as possible from the maternal adverse environment, to ensure the safety of mother and baby. Although many people would call it "oxytocin," it is actually different. Note that a point in time, not natural labor, artificial intervention early delivery, called induction. We do not have too much misunderstanding of induction. Pre birth before the birth of the needle, also known as induced abortion"… )相关的主题文章: