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Henan villagers hundred years old "had been cut in a niche in the temple of fame" plan in the new network – growth in a village center, honey locust tree with luxuriant foliage, for thousands of years, became a symbol of the village, the village is also the oldest tree. This plant grows in Tongbai South locust tree, attached to the village a dozen generations touching story. In September 25th, Ms. Xu said the people, this strain of Gleditsia River Lu Cun Tongbai road after being down protection, the villagers were erected as poetry. Zheng report financial media reporter Xu Fuying Wen map retain nostalgia, villagers for the trees "a niche in the temple of fame" September 25th morning, the emperor in the South Tongbai Lake West, Tongbai South Road, the middle of the road, locust tree two head in the circle of marble flower Zhifan leaf mao. Because of the age of trees, tree cracking, people carefully by several stainless steel belt, the cracking of the trunk was tied. The flower beds of ancient trees, stand together stone, the stone engraved with the positive "Millennium locust tree: Millennium ancient building Avenue, branches flower grass belly. When the pedestrian is not seen, the trees will see the pedestrians. The decadent soul hollowed out incomparable is inheritance. Pan Gu shrine after he Lu, Lu Taigong ancestral attachment." The back of the stone engraved with the locust tree history resume: according to legend, in the year 960, after the River Lu village is by Jinshuihe River upstream Lu Cun to move. This is a thousand years Gleditsia ancestors left to those in a river can only reflect historical witness after Lu cun…… Speak of seeing trees, think of a lot of things with a grandson in the ancient stone edge of the river after the villagers Lu Lu old man, he is 83 years old, in his memory, the tree has witnessed countless days after the River Lu Cun trees have been so kind. "I see it reminds me of childhood, think of my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother! A lot of a lot of the past, as long as it stood in front of it, it appeared in my mind!" The old man said, around this thousand year old tree now stands in the middle of the road slowly turn a circle, like the tree body looking for what. 38 year old villager Mr. Lu said: "10 years ago, the green sector came and looked at the trees, hanging a 300 year old brand. In fact, this tree is like a stone on the tree root has been alive for more than a thousand years. 500 years ago, the trunk after the fire down, made a sprout. 300 years ago, the hollow trunk fell again. This tree is now seen, shoots from the root to the 300 years ago, said the tree for thousands of years, too, because its roots have been alive, we like the village life and growth in nature." Mr. Lu said, with the removal of the transformation of villages, many memories into nostalgia urban villagers. After the River Lu village from 2013 to begin the demolition and renovation, the tree had to go into the problem, the villagers want to stay. "Zhengzhou Evening News" is called for the protection of the tree from 8 years ago, also called on the left with the removal of the tree, this tree is reported to protect the plant saponin the earliest most media. Now, the protection tree down, the River Lu village to commemorate their ancestors, the memory of good testimony in the past, scholar相关的主题文章: