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Pregnant women have a fever cough to persist in April suddenly dying fetus in November 16th, the reporter received a public calls Mr. Meng, said his wife, four months pregnant, did not expect a week ago, suddenly have a fever cough up, we thought it was a cold, unexpectedly, more serious illness, the doctor even under critical condition this, so he really do not know how to do, how is this going on? The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University outside the intensive care, 5 year old rain, staring at the window, waiting for my mother. The intensive care, 26 year old Cui Mengdie, who was a week ago…. already 4 months pregnant with a second child, Cui Mengdie suddenly have a fever, coughing. Cui Mengdie has always been a good body, but the condition is more and more serious, not only his family was not scared, even the doctors are a bit unprepared. The diagnosis of pulmonary infection, pulmonary embolism, heart failure, liver dysfunction, renal insufficiency, the doctor did not confirm that, leukemia, thrombocytopenia purpura. Mr. Meng said, his wife is now in a coma, the doctor has been under critical condition, as the cause, need further consultation. And now, more than 10 thousand of the day’s medical expenses, has been like a stone, the pressure in the heart of mr.. Mr. Meng, and his wife working in Suzhou, has been living in the flat-share room, living in poverty. While both parents are farmers, dependent on the weather. Planted four acres of land, a net income of more than $2000 a year. The doctor said, according to the current condition of Cui Mengdie, to keep the child is not an easy thing, but the mother is very stubborn, she said, is willing to pay for their children. At present, a family medical expenses gap is very large, we also hope that there are more kind-hearted people, to help the family.相关的主题文章: