To teach 72 year old people for 13 years of adoption to learn mathematics – public welfare channel-追踪309

As to the adoption of a 72 year old girl 13 years of lessons taught math – public channel in September 25th, 72 year old Yang Sulian at home in the evening self-study mathematics, Qian Qian after returning home, she will call granddaughter makeup. Yang Sulian Qianqian take back the papers at home in. Yang Sulian looked up the dictionary with a magnifying glass. Yang Sulian, 72, was sitting at his desk every day, like a pupil. The 26 afternoon, the weather is clear, Chengdu Wuhou Temple near a residential district, 72 year old Yang Sulian is studying junior high school mathematics. Corresponding, the sum of 180 alternate angles equal degrees of interior angles on the same side and how to count? "It’s not quite clear." Yang Sulian wrinkled his eyebrows and joined his granddaughter’s math test paper. "Show!" The wooden chair rubbed the floor with harsh noises. She moved the chair up to pick up the information on the living room bookshelf, and picked up the magnifying glass by the way. "The words on the book are too small to see clearly." At the moment, she sat down again. "It was 3 hours, and the joints were a little pain." She rolled up his trousers, with wrinkled hands slowly rubbing his knees. From the beginning of last year, "granddaughter" Qianqian junior high school, in order to Qian Qian makeup, Yang Sulian also started learning mathematics in junior middle school. In their account of this, the relationship between Yang Sulian and Qian Qian headed to write two words: support. Indissoluble bond helps a granddaughter to bring a baby in the afternoon. 26 days later, in the rental house in Chengdu, Yang Sulian chatted with reporters and poured a pot of tea, which was delivered by a student yesterday. "Good taste," she duanqichabei sip a mouthful, slowly chatted about Qian qian. Yang Sulian clearly remembered that the day was July 7, 2003. At 4 pm, she retired at the door, home Dazhou Tongchuan District Hospital, met an acquaintance. The two people were chatting. A strange old lady came up with a baby girl. "Trouble help me to hold my granddaughter, and I go to the toilet and come out." Next to the door of the hospital was the toilet, and Yang Sulian didn’t think much of it and took over the sleeping child. The old lady had never come out, and she ran into the toilet to see, and the man had disappeared. In the baby girl’s infancy, Yang Sulian found a note that read: "at 12 noon of May 27, 2003, when I graduated from University, I worked in Shenzhen. I met a Taiwan man. She was very kind to me at that time, so she had a little girl. Later that man is missing, I can not find him, I do not have a child to live in order to have a good heart. Now, the copy of the note was locked in the cabinet by Yang Sulian. The original piece was handed to the civil affairs department. The reporter saw that the copy was yellowing, and the handwriting on it was skew. She retired for a long time with the help of her retirement wage. Yang Sulian called the alarm phone. After the police arrived, she sent the baby girl to the children welfare institution. "There are many bags on the top of the head, and it may be a disease." Yang Sulian said that the baby cried the night, the wind was constantly, after the doctor said, to cure the children, at least ten thousand yuan. Later, Yang Sulian found another note in her baby’s clothes. It read: at 6 o’clock in the morning exercise in May 29th, I saw a baby girl crying, and I couldn’t bring up the sick child. She understood. It was the old lady who picked up the child first, found the illness, and abandoned the child. Ten thousand yuan, at that time, was not a small number, and their retirement wages were about two thousand yuan a month. "After all, it’s a life." They did not hesitate too much, put the salary card sent to the hospital, and spent 11 thousand yuan before and after the treatment. While the children were treated, Yang Sulian found the local media in Dazhou for help, hoping that the baby’s family could take the children back. But the news is like a clay ox entering the sea. In the course of contacts, she still wanted to adopt poor sympathy, baby. But the wife strongly objected, "the old man said that we were older, more than 60 years old, how can we adopt a child again?" But the obstinate Yang Sulian persisted and persuaded his partner. In the Bureau of civil affairs for the generation of a baby girl named "Qian Qian to formalities". In one family on account of this bar, Qian Qian and Yang Sulian relationship, also written on behalf of. The public security organ, Tongchuan District of Dazhou City Civil Affairs Department, West Street office also issued a certificate, proof Department Qianqian abandoned, are referred to by her upbringing. To tell the truth about the pain of raising the white lie time flashed, was abandoned in Yang Sulian under the care, has now grown into a beautiful girl. Before he retired, Yang Sulian was a primary school language teacher. She had a son with her partner and worked in Beijing. Sun Tzu was 11 years old. My son is very busy with work, grandson also let two old people with Qian Qian and grandson childhood became the playmate, as close as brother. From the beginning of the adoption of Qian Qian, the two old people determined not to tell the true story of Qian qian. Therefore, they have been told Qian Qian, parents working abroad, so we can not come back to see her, until she graduated from the University, the parents to return home. “我想等倩倩大学毕业,再告诉她真相。 As a man grows up, it is easy to accept a little. " From small to large, constantly Qianqian asked "where" Mom and Dad, every time, the two old people will pull Qianqian, repeat this section of white lies". Paper can never be wrapped in fire. This summer, Yang Sulian had a disease and stayed in the hospital for several days. Look at the sick grandmother, 13 year old Qian Qian asked again about herself. After thinking, Yang Sulian told all about Qian Qian, "Qian Qian crying at home for a whole day, I was really afraid of her." Study of junior high school mathematics only granddaughter makeup 4 years ago, the son of the old residence to Chengdu, Qian Qian also came along. Last year, Qian Qian entered Chengdu a key elite school, good grades. Although not personally, but since the beginning of his childhood, Yang Sulian has been arranging a cram school for her granddaughter. After junior high school, she also gave her granddaughter a number of tutoring classes, "an hour three hundred yuan, indeed a little expensive." In order to Qian Qian achievements, Yang Sulian began learning the junior high school and senior high school mathematics from last year. "I understand, to counseling Qianqian do homework." Yang Sulian has been a Chinese teacher. There are not many problems in language. But mathematics is a big problem. "In the 60s of last century, I studied in University, but I forgot all about it." Already 72 years old, the eye is not so, Qian Qian back from school mathematics examination paper, Yang Sulian singled out the geometry behind always, with a magnifying glass, in this piece, first calculate again. Qian Qian home for the weekend, she urged Qian Qian do not understand the papers, then slowly explain. A set of papers has 20 geometric problems. She mocked herself that she was very old, and it usually took two hours to finish. When she did not understand, she read the data. Sometimes, a seat is two or three hours, the joint is not good, get up and get a slow start. The old man wishes as the closest person to accompany granddaughter finish high school at the age of 13, Qian Qian is in adolescence, in order not to disturb her, the reporter did not close contact with Qian qian. When it comes to this special "granddaughter", Yang Sulian has a happy face. When I was young, Yang Sulian with Qian Qian to walk to the park, in order to cultivate children’s thinking, she always pointing to the floating leaves teach Qian Qian: you see the tree floating leaves, like a flying butterfly, seasonal growth and decline…… Today, Qian Qian was 13 years old, in the literature can write beautiful prose and verse. She is still learning to write novels, and she is also published on the Internet. "The woman is very good, very friendly." Yang Sulian community staff also told reporters that the system indeed Qianqian was abandoned, was adopted in order to help the elderly so far, Qian Qian, has applied for orphans subsidies for her community, paid 750 yuan per month. Yang Sulian took out a granddaughter wrote an essay on a notebook, "the times", Qian Qian wrote: the life of many times, some time unforgettable life, some time you will soon forget. For me, my parents are the latter… Yang Sulian said, in the old two Qian Qian heart, they may be her most pro people. So my biggest wish is to accompany Qianqian finish high school. (the name of the characters in the text) source: Huaxi Metropolis Daily

为给收养13年女孩补课 72岁老人自学数学-公益频道 9月25日,72岁的杨素莲在家中自学数学题,晚上倩倩回家后,她要给孙女补课。 杨素莲在家中做倩倩拿回来的试卷。 杨素莲拿着放大镜查阅词典。 72岁的杨素莲每天都像个小学生一样,坐在桌前学习。   26日下午,天气晴朗,成都武侯祠附近一小区,72岁的杨素莲正在自学初中数学。   同位角度数相等、内错角相加为180度,同旁内角又怎么算?“闹不太明白。”杨素莲皱了皱眉头,合上了孙女的数学试卷。   “呲!”木椅摩擦地面发出刺耳的声音,她挪动椅子起身去拿客厅书架上的资料,顺便取放大镜,“书上字太小看不清。”在起身瞬间,她又突然坐下,“一坐就是3个小时,关节有点痛。”她挽起裤脚,用布满皱纹的手慢慢揉着膝盖。   从去年开始,“孙女”倩倩读初中,为了给倩倩补课,杨素莲也重新开始学习初中数学。在她们的户口本上,倩倩和户主杨素莲的关系写着两个字:代养。   不解之缘   帮人抱孙女   结果抱到个弃婴   26日下午,在成都租住的房屋里,杨素莲一边和记者聊天,一边泡了一壶茶,茶叶是昨天一个学生送来的。“味道不错”,她端起茶杯咂了一口,慢慢聊起了倩倩的身世。   杨素莲清楚记得,那一天是2003年7月7日。下午4时,已经退休的她,在老家达州通川区医院门口,碰到了一位熟人。两人正在闲聊,一位陌生老太太抱着一个女婴迎了上来,“麻烦帮我抱一下孙女,我进去上个厕所就出来。”   医院大门旁边就是厕所,杨素莲没有多想,接过了熟睡的孩子。一番左等右等,老太太一直没有出来,她跑进厕所查看,人已经不见了。   在女婴的襁褓中,杨素莲发现一张纸条,上面写着:“小女生于2003年5月27日中午12时,我大学毕业到深圳打工,碰到一个台湾男人,当时对我非常好,所以有了小女。后来那个男人因事不见了,我无法找到他,我为了生活无法养小孩,请好心人一定好好养大。”   现在,这张纸条的复印件被杨素莲锁在柜子里,原件她交给了民政部门。记者看到,这张复印件已经泛黄,上面的字迹歪歪斜斜。   她用退休工资治好孩子的病   原地徘徊许久,杨素莲拨打了报警电话,警方赶到后,把女婴送往了儿童福利院。   “孩子头顶有很多包块,可能是得了病。”杨素莲说,当晚女婴哭了一夜,抽风不断,医生检查后说,要想治好孩子,至少需要一万元。   后来,杨素莲在孩子襁褓中又发现一张纸条,上面写着:5月29日早上6点锻炼,见一女婴啼哭,孩子有病我也无法抚养。她明白了,原来是那位老太太先捡到孩子,发现有病,又将孩子遗弃了。   一万元,在当时并不是个小数目,他们两口子的退休工资一个月总共也就两千元左右。“毕竟是一个生命。”他们没有太多犹豫,把单位发的工资卡交给了医院,治病前后一共花了1.1万元。   孩子治疗的同时,杨素莲找到达州当地媒体求助,希望女婴的家人能够把孩子领回去。但消息如同泥牛入海。   一来二去,她动了恻隐之心,想收养可怜的女婴。但老伴强烈反对,“老伴说我们年龄本来就大了,六十多岁了,怎么可以再收养一个小孩?”但执拗的杨素莲,坚持了下来,说服了老伴。在民政局办理了代养手续,给女婴取名“倩倩”。   在一家人的户口本上,倩倩和杨素莲的关系栏里,也写着代养。达州市通川区公安机关、民政部门、西城街道办也出具了证明,证明倩倩系被遗弃,现交由她抚养。   抚养之苦   不忍告知真相   编造善意谎言   时间一晃而过,当年的弃婴在杨素莲的悉心照料下,如今已长成一个亭亭玉立的少女。   杨素莲退休前是名小学语文老师,她和老伴有一个儿子,在北京工作,孙子今年11岁。儿子工作很忙,孙子也就让老两口带着,倩倩和孙子从小就成了玩伴,亲如姐弟。   从收养倩倩开始,老两口就下定决心,不告诉倩倩真实的身世。因此,他们一直告诉倩倩,父母在国外工作,所以不能回来看她,要等到她大学毕业,父母才能回国。“我想等倩倩大学毕业,再告诉她真相。人长大了,也容易接受一点。”从小到大,倩倩总是不停地追问“爸爸妈妈去哪里了”,每到此时,老两口都会拉住倩倩,一遍又一遍重复着这段善意的“谎言”。   纸永远包不住火。今年暑假,杨素莲生了一场病,在医院住了好几天。看着病中的奶奶,13岁的倩倩再次追问自己的身世。思前想后,杨素莲把身世全告诉了倩倩,“倩倩在家哭了整整一天,当时我真的好怕她做傻事。”   自学初中数学   只为孙女补课   4年前,儿子把二老的户口迁到成都,倩倩也跟着过来了。去年,倩倩进入成都一所重点名校就读,成绩优秀。   虽然并非亲生,但自小开始,杨素莲一直为孙女安排上补习班。上初中后,她又给孙女报了几个补习班,“一个小时三百元,确实有点贵。”   为了倩倩的成绩,杨素莲从去年开始自学初中、高中的数学。“我学明白了,才能辅导倩倩做作业。”杨素莲当过语文老师,语言方面没有多大问题,但数学却是个大问题,“上世纪六十年代,我读大学学过,但都忘得差不多了。”   已经72岁,眼睛不太好使,倩倩从学校拿回数学卷子后,杨素莲总是挑出后面的几何题,拿着放大镜,自己在草稿本上,先计算一遍。等倩倩周末回家,她再督促倩倩做一做卷子,不懂的再慢慢讲解。   一套卷子有20道几何题,她自嘲道,自己上了年纪,一般要花两个小时才能做完,遇上不懂的,还要翻阅资料。有时候,一坐就是两三个小时,关节不好,起身了还得先缓一阵。   老人心愿   作为最亲的人   陪伴孙女走完高中   13岁的倩倩正处于青春期,为了不打扰她,记者并未近距离接触倩倩。谈到这个特别的“孙女”,杨素莲一脸幸福。   小时候,杨素莲带着倩倩去公园散步,为了培养孩子的思维,她总会指着飘下的落叶教倩倩:你看那树上飘下的落叶,像飞翔的蝴蝶,随季节生长、凋零……如今,倩倩已经13岁了,在文学方面已经能写优美的散文和诗句。她还在学着写小说,在网上也有发表。   “太婆为人很好,很友善。”杨素莲所在社区工作人员也告诉记者,倩倩的确系被遗弃,被老人收养至今,为了帮助倩倩,社区已经为她申请孤儿补助,每月发放750元。   杨素莲拿出一个孙女写过的笔记本,上面有一篇散文《那些时光》,倩倩写道:人的一生有许多时光,有些时光让人难忘终生,有些时光你会转眼忘记。对于我,我的父母就是后者……   杨素莲说,在倩倩心里,他们老两口可能才是她最亲的人。所以自己最大的心愿,就是陪伴倩倩走完高中。 (文中人物系化名)   来源:华西都市报相关的主题文章: