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France Chinese four IBF champion Bowie morgensen retire closing ceremony – Sports Sohu Beijing time on October 31st, the total prize money of up to $300 thousand of the IBF super race of the French Open Badminton Sports Center in Europe, France Paris into the last game for the day. Chinese team won all in all four finals game, Shi Yuqi and He Bingjiao were crowned men’s singles and women’s singles champion, Chen Qingchen Jia Yifan won the women’s doubles champion, Zheng Siwei Chen Qingchen won the mixed doubles champion, men’s doubles champion Bowie belongs to the Thailand group izarra Mogensen, Waterhouse back-to-back runner up arpett puhuang. The men’s singles final men’s singles between Shi Yuqi and Lee Xuanyi, the two sides had only met once in 2015 South Korea super series, Li was Xuanyi hard three game win. Today’s game Shi Yuqi played well, he took only 45 minutes to a 2-0 (21-16 21-19) crowned a champion to win the match. Between the women’s singles Women’s singles final race in He Bingjiao and Zhang Beiwen on behalf of the United States, the two sides had three meetings, where Bingjiao unbeaten, the last of which is to win in this year’s Japan open. The game and the previous situation both played completely different, showing a completely one-sided situation, He Bingjiao took only 33 minutes to 2-0 (21-9 21-9) swept to win the championship. Start in the men’s doubles men’s doubles final between Thailand and No. 2 seed Bowie morgensen combination of Issa La Propwaapet, the two sides had a fight in the 2015 Indonesia open, Bowie morgensen win. The game start 21-19 arpett izarra Puhuang Waterhouse Xianshengduoren, then Bowie morgensen 21-18 pulled one back, the Decider Bowie Mogensen 3-0 under the condition of direct opponent out of the race, won the championship, the game takes 60 minutes. The women’s doubles finals between the No. 6 seed Zhang Yina Li Shaoxi and Chen Jia morning Yifan, the two sides had five meetings in the morning, Chen Jia who had made a recent four game winning streak. The advantage of the game in China is still obvious, they took only 45 minutes to 2-0 (21-16 21-17) clearance, won the championship. The top seed in mixed doubles mixed doubles final between Chen Qingchen and Kim Ha Neul into the high Hyun No. 7 seed Zheng Siwei, the two sides had three meetings, Zheng Siwei Chen Qingchen won the first two games of victory, has been given the last time Kim Ha Neul played in the Korean open in the middle of the last laugh. Zheng Siwei advantage of the game obviously, they only spent 33 minutes on 2-0 (21-16 21-15) easily pass, won the championship. (Alse)相关的主题文章: