Hengda is expected to win ahead of the relegation dogfight Yongchang Yatai fear demotion (video)-rewrite攻略�

Hengda is expected to win ahead of the relegation dogfight Yongchang Yatai [Yongchang] fear of relegation battle 3-2 capture 10 people from nearly 7 round victory Yatai Mathews POM yesterday, super zhanba twenty-sixth, relegation situation is more clear. In the 32 echelon security line, currently only 5 teams will be fighting relegation: Luneng 30 points, 30 points, 29 points TEDA Greentown, Yongchang Yatai 24 points, 23 points. The overall strength of schedule analysis, Yongchang Yatai beat 3:2 round is not a good news, the two teams will likely join in a battle. For Hengda, due to the current round of Suning lost, the championship has entered the countdown stage. Yongchang Yatai drag to suffer in no doubt in Tianjin after the defeat of the Yatai, before there is no retreat. The twenty-sixth round, Yatai away to Yongchang, this is a matter of life and death of the two games, it is no wonder that before Li Zhangzhu told the outside world, "to avoid relegation eager team, the rest of the game for us is only one way, that is to." But after the opening of the situation, Tieshuai or terrified. Fourteenth minutes, Mathews corner kick, Mao Jianqing climbed high top of a rebound, the ball hit the madzic left side the lead and play the net. Subsequently, Yatai began to counterattack, Bruno even once shot hit the other post. But thirty-second minutes, Du Zhenyu spade foul in the front Fanqiang Hu Wei, second to eat the Yellow card. The referee saw the red card, Li Zhangzhu complexion, the accident disrupted his pre match arrangement. Before the end of the first half, Mathews volley succeeded, helping Yongchang to achieve advantage of 2:0. Look, for Yatai has been unable to avoid losing. At half-time, Li Zhangzhu gets angry at the lounge, he told his disciples that the second half must regain the score, otherwise the team avoid relegation prospects will be very difficult. This time let Yongchang terrified, forty-eighth minutes, izmailov Tui 1:2. Sixty-first minutes, Bruno leaping towards the ball shakes Leipzig score, Yatai tied the score. The Yongchang coach Li Jinyu said after the game: "Yatai gave us a lesson, they no matter what the situation, has been moving forward, always give us pressure. To be honest, we won the game is very lucky, if the players can not overcome the psychological problems, it is difficult to avoid relegation." 2:2 went back to the same race and decided to play the referee. Sixty-eighth minutes, Mao Jianqing ball down the left into the box and put the shovel up against izmailov interception, and also brought back Mao Jianqing he left the ball in the shovel case, the referee penalty, Yatai players penalty dissatisfaction referee to "seek explanation", the referee to show a yellow card, Jiang Zhe izmailov, then Mathews penalty shot goal the lower right corner hit, Yongchang won 3:2. Slow motion is the first shovel ismailov to the ball, the penalty is controversial, this also led to the referee by Yatai players. The game, the referee showed 1 red and yellow 8 and fined a controversial penalty, life and death war unprecedented tragic. Press conference after the game相关的主题文章: