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It is said that these dishes of the world’s hottest   you dare to try? — Hainan channel — lead: for spicy people, feel that from the tip of the tongue penetration into the bones of spicy, is a good thing. Today, if we are spicy delicacy, it is said that the dish is one of the world’s hottest, have you eaten? Or do you dare to try? NO.9 Thailand winter shadow power level: * * * spicy soup Tom Yum soup is one of the world’s top ten soup, in Thai, "winter shadow" refers to "work" is hot and sour, shrimp, shrimp soup together is. This soup to the color red, taste fragrant soup delicious, spicy full. NO.8 Mexico chili fried prawn: * * * grade spicy pepper in Mexico is famous for its spicy and stimulating, add Mexico chili fried prawns, the thick hot and sour taste will straight up your stomach. NO.7 Turkey meat balls spicy level: assumes this is somewhat similar to the raw meat is steak tartare. But like the spicy, to "burn" as. NO.6 China Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce spicy level: assumes the characteristics of Sichuan Han and Chongqing area dishes, spicy and delicious and tender crisp set in a body. Saliva chicken is called chicken because there are a lot of pepper, will not be able to eat to the mouth of the mouth from the mainstream saliva. NO.5 grade: spicy chili cheese of Bhutan, Bhutan assumes one of the most representative national dish, is the red sun are everywhere on the roof of chilli. The material is very simple, the most basic ingredients is pepper and cheese, sometimes with other tasty ingredients. This dish can not only eat in the morning, lunch, dinner will have its figure, is a meal of the Bhutanese dinner is essential to a dish. NO.4 Malaysia devil pork curry spicy level: * assumes this dish consists of pork and curry is made, and it is very spicy curry by Jiang Huanggen powder, mustard, vinegar, and red pepper and spicy fresh as can be imagined. NO.3 Chinese taste spicy bullfrog level: * assumes the famous Hunan, the bullfrog as main material, combined with dry red pepper, basil, garlic, tips and other accessories cooked egg. Although the taste of bullfrog practices around the country are different, but one thing will never change, it is hot! NO.2 China taste spicy snake level: * assumes the food with high protein, low fat, tender meat of the local snake as raw material, prepared with fresh, fragrant, spicy taste is the main characteristic. The cholesterol content of snake meat is very low, have a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of vascular sclerosis. Snake meat delicate, delicious taste, but also rich in high nutritional value, is a favorite delicacy. The United States NO.1 Dutch act spicy spicy chicken wings are & British hot spicy Bollywood grade: * * assumes also the first bite sign exemption agreement, do not believe that two will be officially so, so tied for first. Buffalo is the wings of the wings in the lower part).相关的主题文章: