Nanyang 95 days after the guy was released from prison for three days and then robbed the prison for-高达08ms小队

Nanyang 95 after three days and then robbed the guy out of jail 5 times newspaper news (reporter correspondent Zheng Lei Liu Fei) has been sentenced for theft of 5 21 year old man Zhang, on the third day after release, but also together with others to rob, the result has been arrested. In September 13th, sentenced for theft Zhang out of jail, this was his fifth time. In September 15th, Zhang met two nickname called "baby" and "yellow" in jujube forest street cafe. That night, Zhang two people said he and the people there, "baby" and "yellow" promised to help him. 16 am, Zhang will be a boy to an alley near the cafe. See no one under four, Zhang, who took out a dagger from his pocket, threatening to hand out the wallet and cell phone. Forced, the boy will be more than and 100 dollars in the wallet to zhang. Zhang et al found the bank card from the wallet, the boy to the nearby self-help bank took out 900 yuan in cash, and stole the boy’s cell phone. When leaving, the three again forced the boy not to alarm. At noon that day, the victim chose the alarm. September 20th to 25, Zhang and other 3 were arrested by the police. Currently, three people were arrested on suspicion of robbery according to law. The 3 (Nanyang Evening News)相关的主题文章: