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An interview with ZTE has Xuezhong: mobile phone competition is the micro innovation + subversive innovation – Sohu technology Sohu Luoyuan IFA technology the day before, ZTE released secret AXON 7 Mini in Berlin, the mobile phone uses 5.2 inches screen, 80 billion 16 million pixel camera, the heritage of the secret AXON 7 front dual speaker set, also built HIFI chip. Price of 299 euros, only for the European market. Why will launch such a phone, and only for Europe, ZTE terminal CEO Ceng Xuezhong called a lot of research. Europe’s preference for small screen phones, mobile phone demand for 2000-3000 stalls increased, the economic depression has become a consideration of its people. The layout of the high-end AXON 7 series, mini series is also logical to launch. Different from other brands, overseas profits accounted for a large proportion of ZTE market. According to ZTE semi annual results show that in 2016 1-6 months, the domestic market revenue accounted for 58.22%, the international market to achieve operating income accounted for more than 41.78%. Ceng Xuezhong also revealed that, in the global total sales overseas have 70%, among them, but also occupy 13 overseas sales in europe. He summed up a very loud slogan: China and the u.s.. That is to focus on the big country, starting from China and the United States began layout. In Europe, ZTE more emphasis on localization, hoping to participate in the operation of the western perspective. For ZTE’s semi annual report card, Ceng Xuezhong said, basically satisfied". "We are cautiously optimistic about this," he said. "With the increasing competitiveness of ZTE products and the promotion of marketing activities, we will move forward with a steady pace". No matter from the signing of NBA, or more hard line wide efforts, and hot events, can see that ZTE in marketing is gradually upgrading dan. ZTE now more than ever understand how to use the hot spots to promote products, such as ZTE to Fu Yuanhui AXON "Honghuang version 7". "Marketing activity is very effective for the visibility of the expansion of influence, the future we will firmly put into marketing, it will not change, but will continue to improve management ability, make marketing more efficient." Of course, in addition to brand investment, it is also necessary to maintain technological innovation. The competitiveness of the mobile phone lies in a more understanding of consumers, to ensure that the basic functions of the excellent conditions, constantly in the Yan value, function, system and other aspects of micro innovation. In the new minimally invasive become the norm at the same time, R & D disruptive innovation, the two way to go." For the friends of HUAWEI, Ceng Xuezhong also said HUAWEI’s future will learn each one has his good points, marketing ability, innovative technology ZTE keepingdevotion. The hot field of VR, the Google daydream VR platform will be completed, ZTE has become an important partner, will also launch related products. In other words, AXON 7 and 7 Mini main sound, but also the first step in immersive experience. Talk for 40 minutes, Ceng Xuezhong’s words revealed.相关的主题文章: