Thuraya released the world’s first dual-mode dual sim satellite phone-pp点点通2006

More and more functions of Thuraya released the world’s first dual-mode dual card mobile phone when the satellite mobile phone, people would have forgotten the basic function of mobile phone or mobile phone communication, choose when little consideration of communication index. Single coverage of the signal, the satellite mobile phones tend to have obvious advantages. Today, Thuraya Shu Raya launched a new machine called the XT-PRO DUAL, known as the world’s first dual-mode (GSM satellite) satellite mobile phone dual card. This is called the XT-PRO DUAL satellite mobile phone features a popular era of fashion, with a small gorilla screen and highlight the antenna, the front is full of sense of the physical keyboard. Although the appearance is not popular, but officials say that it supports seamless switching satellite communication and GSM communication, life is also very guards, continuous call 11 hours, 100 hours standby, equipped with SOS help button, support waterproof and dustproof, anti fall most of the global 2G and 3G network. Data shows, Thuraya Shu Raya satellite communication company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, a commercial satellite communications system, covering Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia more than and 100 countries, 2 billion 300 million of the population. At present, Thuraya’s Thuraya XT LITE models are sold in Taobao, the price of 4000 yuan, really can not be underestimated.相关的主题文章: