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The stock index this week, many insurance keep three thousand points ahead to control the position of the main defense Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my stock index this week, many insurance keep three thousand points you suggestions to control the position of defense industry market outlook based financial information network (reporter Chen Gang) this week. The Fed rate hike remarks caused by U.S. stocks fell, stock index fell 3000 points to some of the adventure. Although insiders said no additional risk over expected, the market outlook is not enough to reproduce Powei, but many people think that the festival still need to be cautious, A shares many factors caused by the uncertainty, but before continuing consolidation of 19 trading days have been facing the direction of choice. Re insurance keep 3000 points Wednesday, Shanghai and Shenzhen two tiaokongdikai again after the shock down, intraday stock index fell 3000 points, followed by the two cities to stabilize, the apple stocks sector strong boost, the Shenzhen Component Index, the gem refers to the first to turn red. Afternoon, two city stock index back down, and then lost 3000 points, late once fell to 2995.42 points, but the brokerage, insurance stocks volume slightly rebound, stock index closed to insurance keep 3000 points. Although the overall market performance is poor, the two cities yesterday, there are 37 non ST stocks daily limit of 26 stocks rose over 5% shares limit; and only Letong shares, south of the Five Ridges holdings, the Yangtze River Investment three, fell more than 5% is only 30. Sector performance, electronics manufacturing, non-ferrous industry sector rose in front, tourist attractions, banks, led by the defense industry, but the majority of the decline is not more than 1%. The concept of plate, ST, apple, water conservancy and led the gains. Yesterday’s close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.68% points to 3002.85, Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.57% to close at 10454.24 points, are out of line Lianyin; while the gem index fell 0.06% to close at 2144.56 points. It is worth noting that, in yesterday’s downward volume does not increase as the general week instead of the volume, the two cities a total turnover of 374 billion 900 million yuan, creating more than a month low on Tuesday, were reduced by about 18 billion yuan. This week, the stock index is down 2.47%, Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.87%, the gem index fell 2.65%. This week by the impact of the external news market review this week, the Fed rate hike not only caused the European and American stock market crash, but also the impact of A shares. Monday, A shares suffered black Monday, the stock index intraday breakdown of 3000 points. But the two city shares limit only 3, too late to have money to buy, which analysts believe that with internal and external environment do not panic. On Tuesday, A shares have stabilized, shrinking slightly red. Yesterday, the U.S. stocks fell again on Tuesday, A shares to bring a certain impact, but with similar late Monday, the money to buy insurance, brokerage, support, help stock index losing 3000 points. Senior market participants Liu Yunfeng told the public securities and financial information network reporter analysis, is Wednesday opened for U.S. stocks fell again or reaction, the Fed rate hike impact speech. But Liu Yunfeng pointed out that Wednesday morning the two cities in the theme stocks pulled out of相关的主题文章: