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Check the ST and fanjiuzhang face time shares semi annual frequency for attention – Sohu securities last week (September 5th -9) Shanghai and Shenzhen two exchange letters to double the number of inquiries 31 letters, reply rhythm also increases, the number of listed companies received inquiries reply within the week. From the point of view of information reorganization, continue to be the "key" inquiries, semi annual report of the inquiry letter stable update, ST and time shares face into high concern. Fanjiuzhang semi annual report after ending, a new day constant, ST Hua Ze respectively in 2016 to become the first disclosure of the semi annual report of Shanghai and Shenzhen received the enquiry of the listed company. Comprehensive disclosure announcement and exchange this week, ST *ST, Hua Ze, Han Jian and Heshan ene carbon Huijia era received semi annual letter of inquiry, the number unchanged from last week. Among them, business financial data anomalies, industry risk, litigation issues become the focus areas of inquiry, and exchange after CF audit opinion, inquiries reply, in questioning differences and related commitments. In September 5th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued to China ST Ze disclosed semi annual report of the inquiry letter. The letter number, belongs to the Department of the company annual report inquiry letter [2016] No. sixth ", rather than the semi annual report inquiry letter No. first, but from the public disclosure of the situation, ST Hua Ze Shenzhen become this year’s first half year report asked the company. ST Hua Ze reporting period, operating income decreased by nearly 80%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit loss of about $53 million 290 thousand. Letter of inquiry, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the loss of reason, the net cash flow growth abnormalities, 6 litigation progress, a high proportion of accounts receivable should be launched inquiries provisions for bad debts etc.. And due to the non operating funds occupied by the parties, illegal guarantees, performance compensation overdue performance and other issues, ST Hua Ze 2015 annual report was issued non-standard audit opinion. The related problems of inquiry, questioning and please exchange to solve the progress, financial adviser verification and explicit opinions. *ST ene carbon 2015 annual financial report issued by the accounting firm was unable to express an opinion on the audit report, and continued suspension, the exchange also inquiries, requirements of the company and accountants in standard items in detail, the demand for early resumption of trading. In addition to the two companies, September 2nd *ST billion annual report by the inquiry. Overall, the current annual report have been questioned in the company, the company accounted for nearly half of ST. Check the face except ST, time shares, shares the company’s performance "face" has become a high-frequency information object. Shanghai, Han Jian and September 6th semi annual report announcement received a letter of inquiry. Since listing in June 11, 2015 has just been a full year results fell sharply in the first half of the company’s net profit loss of 31 million 470 thousand yuan, subject to widespread concern in the market. The requirements of the exchange company supplemental disclosure 2016 semi annual performance results and the operating conditions, and the prospectus disclosure of "industry demand, the company ability to resist risks, profitability is expected to continue" and other related information disclosure is not consistent. Han Jian Heshan said, affected by the industry boom of new orders, goods transportation business concrete effective radius;相关的主题文章: