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Thailand: Apple pay positive admission UnionPay jointly 4 major banks (list) Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are using [Apple pay admission, or outside the box can attack jade] event: Apple Pay 5 a.m. on February 18th officially launched, the first published in support of 19 banks. Comments: AP carrying fingerprint recognition admission, wake up payment of new ideas. NFC patent in 2008 mature, AP joined the biological recognition technology to further enhance the safety and experience for traditional mobile, online and offline by APP scan codes payment challenge and shock. The domestic NFC industry is restricted by the lack of terminal demand, policy threshold and slow POS iteration, and the development lags behind. AP is outside the box "NFC+, with fingerprint recognition technology." Chinese UnionPay, is expected to set off a new round of mobile payment tide, in the NFC industry chain innovation as the starting point, to create a new ecological field of mobile payment. UnionPay counter against Internet giants to pay, rich payment each one has his good points. For AP, it cannot lead to the policy threshold for the third party payment licence, as a simple means of payment, in cooperation with UnionPay is the use of its licence and resources into the market quickly. UnionPay online payment status, with the gradual decline of bank card payment, cloud payment promotion more slowly, gradually began to retreat. Embrace AP can be regarded as UnionPay upgrade technology equipment, embedded Internet thinking, for offline merchant resource contention, maintenance of the account system backhand stroke. Compared to the two-dimensional code of Internet enterprise payment, UnionPay NFC scheme in data security, technology security and efficient operation of industry ecosystem, have added a stroke above fingerprint recognition, pioneered by AP, gives the "fan" payment experience, is expected to regain market position, forming ecological system catalyzed by NFC. At present, the domestic mobile payment market is still by Alipay and WeChat to pay power, the total market share of more than 70%. In view of the temporary stall scan code to pay over the past few years, convenience, user stickiness and ecosystem NFC itself, the Internet mobile payment in the short term will still act as the main force. The NFC payment system represented by UnionPay and the scanning code system represented by the Internet giants will launch a close battle for each battalion. NFC industry chain is long, capture the opportunity of fractionize domain. NFC industrial chain for telecom operators, the third party payment, bank, hardware and software vendors and other stakeholders, the chain under the clear division of labor, professional and strong, on the one hand, the terminal demand in the development of NFC release based on industry chain participants will benefit from the production space to expand, capture segments of profit; on the other hand, the industry chain parties to see the broad prospects for the future of the NFC, and behind the strong capital is not weaker than the Internet enterprise, should join forces to promote the NFC ecosystem to mature. The solution lies in the application scenarios, the force point lies in the user building. Since the birth of NFC, it has been applied to the traditional institutions such as banks and operators, because of the lack of "user centered" theory

华泰:Apple pay联手银联入场 利好4大银行股(名单) 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   【Apple pay入场,他山之石或可攻玉】   事件: Apple Pay 于2月18日凌晨5点正式上线,已公布的首批支持银行有19家。   点评:AP携指纹识别入场,唤醒支付新理念。NFC专利于2008年成熟,AP加入生物识别技术进一步提升安全性及体验感,对于传统线上以及线下通过APP扫码的移动支付带来冲击和挑战。国内NFC产业受到终端需求不足、政策门槛、POS机迭代缓慢等因素制约,发展较为滞后。AP作为他山之石,携“NFC+指纹识别技术”搭界中国银联,有望掀起新一轮移动支付潮流,以NFC产业链革新为起点,塑造移动支付领域新生态。   银联反击对阵互联网支付巨头,各有所长丰富支付生态。就AP来说,政策门槛导致它无法获得第三方支付牌照,作为单纯支付工具,与银联合作是利用其牌照和资源优势快速打入市场。银联在线下支付的地位,随着银行卡支付日渐式微,云闪付推广较缓,逐渐开始退居一隅。拥抱AP可以看做是银联升级技术装备、嵌入互联网思维之后,针对线下商户资源争夺、维护账户体系的反手一搏。相比互联网企业的二维码支付,银联NFC方案在数据保密性、技术安全性、操作快捷性、产业生态系统方面都略胜一筹,再附加AP首创的指纹识别,赋予“范儿”支付体验,有望重新赢得市场地位,催化NFC生态体系成型。   而目前国内移动支付市场,仍由支付宝和微信支付当道,合计市场份额70%以上。鉴于扫码支付本身的便捷性、用户生态圈黏性以及NFC过去几年的暂时性失速,互联网移动支付短期内仍将充当主力军。以银联为代表的NFC支付系和以互联网巨头为代表的扫码系将各自为营展开势均力敌之争。   NFC产业链冗长,捕捉细分领域机会。NFC产业链涉及电信运营商、第三方支付、银行、软硬件厂商等众多利益相关者,链条上下分工明确、专业性强,一方面,基于NFC发展中终端需求释放,产业链上下游各参与者将受益于产能空间扩大,捕捉细分领域盈利点;另一方面,产业链各方需看到NFC未来的广阔前景,且背后资本力量强大不会弱于互联网企业,应形成合力共同推动NFC生态体系走向成熟。   出路在于应用场景,发力点在于用户建设。NFC自诞生之初便一直应用于银行、运营商等传统机构,因为欠缺“以用户为中心”的互联网思维,在BAT为代表的互联网公司横扫移动支付领域之时有些招架无力。未来NFC发展的突破口在于探求和开发贴合用户需求的应用场景,围绕用户消费体验,设计定制化的NFC支付应用,建立完整的支付服务体系,在满足安全和便捷的前提下,与扫码系展开一场用户争夺的较量。   正规金融将积极介入并受益于此轮支付新生态的兴起,推荐关注宁波银行、华夏银行、浦发银行、招商银行。   (华泰金融,欢迎关注罗毅首席分析师luoyichief) 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: