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Envy others grading B limit? You actually should do so – fund channel from B share discount premium rate situation, today’s daily limit of strong classification fund B varieties, most of the discount in a small state. Among them, fortune SGAM CSI 1000B, CCB CSI B, Internet financial intermediation permit all securities B, Huaan gem 50B fund discount rate ranks, were 18.51%, 15.92%, 8.83%, 8.55%, open since 2016, all fell into various grade B grade B in a large number of Wang, discount state, industry insiders said today in discount state of grade B strong rebound, or display the funds for such pre oversold rebound in demand for existing varieties. But it should be noted that, despite the collective B inflation, but small partners need to polish their eyes, is a lot of limit grading B, today’s turnover is still worrying. According to the set of thoughts after data showed that in the limit of 26 grade B share fund, grade B more than half of the turnover of less than 10 million, and the turnover of less than the number of grade B 1 million and four, respectively is B, B Internet financial, steel B, the new B turnover is only Penghua 223 thousand and 100, a few broken many slump grade B fans heart, poor liquidity problems in grade B. Do you want to rebound by grading B? It’s not that simple! The new year after the second trading day, A shares my Hula retaliatory rebound, a large candle immediately change the belief, "crash grade B ghost" now began to shine, many buddies call to buy! Buy! Buy! But with the investment lever attribute classification B varieties, itself is a double-edged sword, it is recommended to play bad guys do not try easily. First of all, for the tracking index of the classification fund, the classification fund B share investment only suitable for unilateral upward market trends. In the market to enter the unilateralism of the channel, grade B share is really invincible, all kinds of Hurricane high. But no longer in the bull market situation, for the classification of B investment, need a guy who has a pair of piercing eye, accurate judgment, short-term market trend of course, A stock market change constantly, buy grade B in the strong rebound in money market is crazy, and then sit back and relax watching others flesh bloodletting, the dreams have the mouth addiction is good, don’t take it seriously. Secondly, the hierarchical B share with leverage attributes is a double-edged sword, which means that once the rebound fails and the market enters the downward trend, investors are likely to bear huge losses. The data show that the number of classified B is more than 3 times the net leverage more than 37 times. Among them, the net leverage of Shenzhen Component Index B, Dolly ahead, B, financial coal B grade B ranks, were 6.8 times, 5.6 times, 4.2 times, 4.2 times, ha ha Da, want to borrow the grade B win market rebound to obtain excess returns? Just think about how much money you can lose if you buy the wrong one! The last one, of course, is the liquidity problem of hierarchical B. Although today B grading collective gains across the board, but in the recorded data show that the turnover of less than 1 million of the grade B table

羡慕别人的分级B涨停?你其实应该这么做-基金频道   从B份额的折溢价率情况来看,今日涨停强势的分级基金B品种,大部分处于小幅折价状态。其中,华宝兴业中证1000B、建信中证互联网金融B、融通中证全指证券B、华安创业板50B等基金的折价率居前,分别为18.51%、15.92%、8.83%、8.55%,2016年开年以来,分级B各种虐各种跌成汪,大批分级B处于折价状态,业内人士表示,今日处于折价状态的分级B强势反弹,或显示资金对此类前期超跌反弹品种存在补涨需求。   但需要指出的是,尽管分级B集体暴涨,但需要小伙伴擦亮眼睛是,许多涨停的分级B今日成交额仍然堪忧。根据集思录盘后数据显示,在涨停的26只分级基金B份额当中,超过半数的分级B成交额低于1000万,且成交额低于100万的分级B数量有四只,分别是互联B级、金融地B 、钢铁B,其中,鹏华新丝路B成交额仅为22.31万,几轮暴跌伤透了许多分级B的忠粉的心,分级B的流动性问题堪忧。   想借分级B博反弹 ?没那么简单!   新年后的第二交易日,我大A股呼啦啦报复性反弹,一根大阳线立马改变信仰,暴跌时“鬼见愁”的分级B此刻又开始大放异彩,许多小伙伴们直呼买!买!买!,但带有投资杠杆属性分级B品种,本身就是一把双刃剑,建议玩不好的小伙们不要轻易尝试。   首先,对于跟踪指数的分级基金而言,分级基金B份额的投资只适合单边上扬的市场趋势。在市场进入单边上扬的通道中,分级B份额确实是所向披靡,各种狂飙各种high。但在牛市行情不再的情况下,对于分级B的投资而言,需要小伙们有一双火眼金睛,对市场短期趋势进行精准的判断,当然咯,A股市场变化莫测,在市场强势反弹时买分级B狂捞一笔,然后高枕无忧看别人割肉放血,这种美梦过过嘴瘾就好,别当真。   其次,带有杠杆属性的分级B份额是一把双刃剑,这意味着一旦抢反弹失败,且市场进入下行趋势,投资者很有可能将承担巨幅损失。集思录盘后数据显示,净值杠杆超过3倍的分级B数量高达37只。其中,深成指B、多利进取 、煤炭B级 、金融地B 等分级B的净值杠杆居前,分别为6.8倍、5.6倍、4.2倍、4.2倍,呵呵哒,想借分级B博取市场反弹获取超额收益?先想想一旦买错了,你到底有多少钱可以亏吧!   最后一个当然还是分级B的流动性问题。尽管今日分级B集体飘红,但集思录数据显示,成交额低于100万以下的分级B数量高达56只,成交额低于1000万的分级B数量高达96只,其中,在强势涨停的26只分级基金B份额当中,超过半数的分级B成交额低于100万。对于看好分级B的杠杆属性、希望借此博取超额收益的小伙们,应该尽量避免远离濒临下折、流动性枯竭、价格失真的分级B品种。   表二:今日成交额低于50万以下分级B情况一览表相关的主题文章: