Cross-dressing Kojiro Valley looming demon giggle and flirt treasure can destroy childhood dream too-sql2005安装图解

Cross-dressing Kojiro Valley looming "demon giggle and flirt treasure can destroy childhood dream" so I don’t know when to start, mining classical animation in black history has become a hot topic, people do not waste, don’t make friends! There is a man named Li youyou (formerly: this beauty beauty) Japanese drag queen praised "elf treasure Kojiro dream" in, think we should learn from him to drag queen, will drag queen beauty into full play! Now the drag queen has not satisfied the dresses in the anime show, or at home taking photos, they also become more pursuit of woman than woman, must often study makeup and body sculpting techniques (Penguin mother looked down at birth because the penguin son and seventy percent off fold belly really shame). By Li that are currently doing the best Kojiro is women’s shoes, light. Musashi and Kojiro and meow can be said to be quite a combination of comedy, singing "we are the shuttle in the Milky Way rockets! White hole! White is waiting for us tomorrow!" In order to guard the peace of the world, with women’s hot eyes is the best way. Ash and Picacho to cry. Kojiro you are so beautiful, the family know? In real life, the mother Penguin encountered support son play drag queen mother. All of you have tried to wear women’s clothing, and want to try to wear dresses? Don’t be shy, but a friend of the mother penguin, you can tell!

伪娘小次郎搔首弄姿谷间隐现 《精灵宝可梦》太毁童年不知从何时开始,挖掘经典动漫里的黑历史成了大家津津乐道的话题,人不污,不可交!有一名叫莉由由(原名:りゆゆ)的日本伪娘就大赞《精灵宝可梦》里的小次郎,认为伪娘们应该向他好好学习,将伪娘的美态发挥到极致!现在的伪娘已经不满足在动漫展上穿女装,或在家里拍拍照片了,他们更追求变得比妹子还妹子,必须经常钻研化妆和塑身技巧(企鹅娘低头看看因为生完企鹅子而折三折的肚皮实在羞愧啊)。莉由由认为目前做得最好的是小次郎童鞋,实在是女装之光。小次郎和武藏还有喵喵可以说是相当搞笑的组合,唱着“我们是穿梭在银河的火箭队!白洞!白色的明天在等着我们!”为了“守护”世界的和平,用女装辣眼睛是最好的方式了。小智和皮卡丘要吓哭了。小次郎你这么美,家里人知道吗?在现实生活中,企鹅娘就遇到过支持儿子扮伪娘的妈妈。在座各位有尝试过穿女装,并想尝试穿女装吗?别害羞了,企鹅娘可是绅士之友,不会告诉你妈妈的!相关的主题文章: