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Turning Inexpensive Business Cards Into An Eye Catching Business Card Posted By: Wilson Printing USA There are several things you can do to take an inexpensive business card and turn it into a classy statement of your businesses prestige and image. Thermography, or raised printing, is one of the tools Wilson Printing can use to add pizzazz to your inexpensive business cards. Thermography is an exciting specialty printing process. What is Thermography? ther·mog·ra·ph.y – noun 1. a technique for imitating an embossed appearance, as on business cards, stationery, or the like, by dusting printed areas with a powder that adheres only to the wet ink, and fusing the ink and powder to the paper by heating it. Raised print business cards are the most common use of Thermography. Here are some tips from the experts that will help you make the most of thermography for your company. Thermography is perfect for making a part of a design stand out. Line art or detailed drawing that looks like etching works especially well with thermography. Any color can be thermographed. Both pastels and bright and bold colors look especially striking when thermographed.

business 2 Affordable Ways To Make A Business Card Stand Out Posted By: Alan Saltz There are no 2 ways about it… There are lots of different ways to ensure your business card stands out. There are unique materials including plastic, metal, wood, or even chocolate. There is embossing and die-cutting. There are 3D cards. CD and DVD cards. And a slew of other options also. But there’s a reason most go with regular business cards. Affordablility. Think about it – business cards are widely perceived as one of the most cost effective and inexpensive marketing mediums available to a company or individual. The thing is, as soon as you opt for die cutting,foil stamping, and printing on unique materials, your expense can multiply from a handful of pennies each… to a quarter… to as much as a buck or more per card. That’s a pretty dramatic difference, no? For many that level of investment certainly makes sense. But that’s not always the case. The same can be said about individuals who rely on their business cards to help them land employment, or for larger businesses who print business cards for hundreds of workers.

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