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Domain-Names Choosing a domain name wisely can do a lot of good for your company and website. Not only will it allow you to bring customers to your website, but it will also enable you to bring them back to your website again and can open up a whole range of marketing opportunities. For this reason finding cheap domain names is an important investment that can benefit any website. If you advertise through channels other than the internet (for example if you use television advertising, advertising in papers, or advertising on the radio) then a catchy domain name is highly important for your website. Imagine hearing a catchy jingle then hearing at the end that you need to visit a URL that’s 100 characters long there’d be little chance of you remembering that and being able to head over. And without a website at all they wont be able to go anywhere for more information without phoning (which takes up the time of our staff and is also more intimidating for customers) or leaving their home to go to one of your stores. For this reason, having a website with a good domain name also enables radio and television advertising to go on. Try to pick URLs that are easy to spell, but if it isnt then buy up the similar sounding domains and common errors. Similarly buy .co.uks and .orgs and redirect them all to your main site in case people get confused. Getting people to go to your website is a constant battle that many businesses and web promoters spend a lot of time on. However this is actually only half of the battle, and really you should be thinking just as much about getting people to return to your website. For businesses that own a website that sells a product or service people will return to the site time and again by searching for that product, or through bookmarks. However if your website is more content heavy and you make your money or spread awareness by getting people to visit your website (via adverts or affiliate links etc) in other words if the website is in itself a product then you will need to get people to return to your site. This also allows people to spread the word about your website and tell their friends in person the address to visit. Having a domain name that reflects the business is also important as it prevents confusion. Preferably you would pick a domain name that is the same as your company name this not only makes your domain easy to remember but also helps strengthen your brand. You can even integrate your domain name into your adverts as part of the jingle if you make your company name the same as your URL just look at the success of things like Moonpig.com, comparethemarket.com and phones4u. None of these adverts would work if their domain names were complete unrelated. To help increase your business success then find somewhere that provides cheap private domain registrations and buy up a few that are relevant to your site and your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: