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Business Atlanta based Beazer Homes is among the top 10 homebuilders in the US today. And they depend on Building Information Modeling for creating all their home models in 3D instead of time consuming 2D drawings. They moved to Revit after working on AutoCAD for a couple of years. Bobby Jones of Beazer told HousingZone that Revits successful cost effective implementation for proprietary customizations made it the perfect solution for Beazer. Beazer saw the many benefits of Revit four years back and has since created over 1300 Revit families. The shift has benefitted Beazer in more distinct ways than one. Revit has bought time for Beazer that they utilize in creativity and delivering more projects in the same time. They do not have to keep remodeling the common elements with Revit and present their potential customers the basic features in the model. According to the clients needs they are easily able to customize the model with the help of Revits parametric building information modeling and highlight additional construction details and materials. Building Information Modeling offers Home Builders the flexibility of customization and providing more options to its clients. BIM benefits Home Buyers by getting them closer to their tastes and needs. Accurate material quantities, quality and design suggestions come with BIM adoption. BIM helps you speed up the primary process of Floor Planning. Complex architectural projects and building practices can be smoothly taken care of. Building information parametric modeling helps you detect errors and correct them at the design stage. BIM also automatically coordinates the changes made in the model leaving no room for errors and improving the efficiency of the tool. BIM is an excellent Marketing tool. Project detailing in 3D and walkthroughs bring the owners closer to their homes building their trust in the builder strongly. Top Home Builders like Beazer trust outsourcing firms like Texas based BluEnt with their BIM services and solutions. BluEnt is a global leader in providing innovative and cost-effective BIM solutions to top residential builders and developers, AECO and related industries in USA, New Zealand, UK, Australia, India and other countries. BluEnt is appreciated by their clients in terms of referrals and that is testimony to the quality of their services. BluEnt gives equal attention to all its clients and their needs, placing great importance on creating a beneficial working relationship with them. BluEnt has been providing BIM solutions and Construction Documentation services to some of the worlds largest home builders and residential developers. About the Author: About BluEnt BluEnt is a leading architectural drafting services provider based out of United States with offices in Delaware, Houston – Texas, Middle East and New Delhi. BluEnt specializes in design development support, as-built drawings, construction drawings, Revit design development, Parametric Families creation, Building Information Modeling, construction documentation and 3D rendering services. If you are looking for high quality construction documents and CAD BIM related services. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: