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Home-and-Family Giving your home an eco friendly makeover is not as difficult as it may sound; and it can even be a fun family project and home design effort. You simply have to familiarize yourself with the basic ways of living greener and then moving on to finding more alternatives and new ideas on conserving the environment. First, recycle! Look around your home and see if you can find waste wood and metal. These materials can be easily trimmed off and recycled. Some .ponents can be reused and others may be advantageous to a salvage .pany. Your city or your refuse service may provide curbside recycling, so just call and ask. If not, many grocery stores or your city will have recycling drop-off locations. Next, improve your insulation. A makeover doesn’t only involve aesthetics. Think about your .fort while considering how much you can save. Work your projects together, when possible. Any project that involves the walls or ceilings is an opportunity to add more insulation. You’ll save on cooling and heating expenses and add more .fort to your home; while using less power in general and helping out the environment at the same time. If you’re replacing lighting fixtures, utilize those that can handle .pact fluorescent bulbs or LED technology. When appliances need to be replaced, look for energy star rated items that function more effectively. If your old appliances still work or just require minor maintenance, consider handing them down to a family member or friend or donating them to a local women’s shelter or resale shop. This is a far superior option to taking them to the local dump. Now consider finishes. Utilizing paints with low or no VOC and water-based wood finishes on cabinets and floors will enhance the indoor air quality of your living space considerably. In addition, stay away from exotic woods obtained from rain forests. Attempt to utilize local materials and manufacturers or locally salvaged wood for cabinetry and flooring. You’ll save on shipping as well as contribute to the earth’s preservation. Select enduring species that can be repeatedly refinished. Think about employing cork flooring or bamboo furniture. These cost just about the same as hardwood, but it has a unique ecological benefit?sustainability. Cork trees are able to regenerate every 9 years, .pared to many other trees, which can take 30 years or more. Cork floors are highly resistant to mold and water, and are able to insulate against temperature and noise. And bamboo is one of the Earth’s fastest growing plants, also making it a fantastic eco furniture choice. Try to use natural light whenever possible. Employ energy-efficient windows so you can save on your energy bill. There are many ways to add natural light to your space, from using lighter weight sheers to adding a skylight to the room. Artificial light can also be environmentally friendly. Think about replacing your ordinary light bulbs with those that are energy star rated?they use far less energy and last much longer. Making your home more eco friendly can be as small or as large of a project as you are interested in taking on. It’s also something that can be done over time. No need to replace a brand new item, until it needs to be replaced. Copyright (c) 2009 Julia Ritzenthaler About the Author: 相关的主题文章: