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Investing Year after year, the city of Pasadena, CA retains a reputation for hosting neighborhoods are essentially recession proof when it comes to real estate. Homes for sale in Pasadena, CA are always in demand. As the value of homes in other neighborhoods close by rise and fall, Pasadena homes are known to hold their value in spite of dips in the market because of the great demand from homebuyers. Hastings Ranch is a relatively new, suburban neighborhood located in the furthest northeast corner of Pasadena. Hastings Ranch is north of Sierra Madre Boulevard and is boarded by Michillinda Avenue to the east and Riviera Drive to the west. This neighborhood is picturesque with beautiful tree lined streets, children playing, and yards carefully decorated for every holiday. Because Hastings Ranch is just below the mountains, many residents get to witness forest wildlife on an every day basis. Hastings Ranch is has large shopping centers in southeast corner by Sierra Madre Boulevard and Michillinda Avenue. Hastings Ranch is split into two distinct neighborhoods: Upper Hastings and Lower Hastings. Hastings Ranch was founded in the late 1800s when Charles Cook Hastings bought 1,100 acres of land. This land was used as a ranch with grapevines, exotic plants, and farm animals like dogs, horses, peacocks, cats, and pheasants. In the late 1940’s, Lower Hastings started to develop with many houses sprouting up on the ranch. Twenty years later the trend took off and Upper Hastings was built. Hastings Ranch has also become a popular tourist spot. Many tourists hop off the 210 Freeway to enjoy the wide variety of stores, services and restaurants. During Christmas time, Hastings Ranch transforms into a winter wonderland as many of the residents indulge in the holiday spirit. Northern Hastings Ranch often has a Christmas light display of all their best house decorations. Hastings Ranch is the home to several schools including Don Benito Elementary School, Pasadena’s magnet elementary school, and Field Elementary School. Hastings Ranch has one private school called La Salle High School. Once students advance upwards in school they have to travel outside of Hastings Ranch for Wilson Middle School and Pasadena High School. One of the hot spots in Hastings Ranch is Hamilton Park. This park is popular among parents, children and non-residents who come here to indulge in nature, the playground, and sporting events. Hastings Ranch is away from the hustle and bustle of Pasadena, resulting in a peaceful life. The average real estate price is $814,149, which is higher than 87.7% of Californian neighborhoods and 97.9% of U.S. neighborhoods. The average rental price is $2,298, which is more expensive than 88% of neighborhoods in California. Most of the homes in Hastings Ranch are either medium or large sized single-family homes with high-rise apartments. The current vacancy rate is 2.6%, which is lower than 89.5% of the neighborhoods in the United States. The housing demand is particularly tight in Hastings Ranch. Residents of this neighborhood enjoy the luxury of being close to Downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena, while enjoying the comforts of a suburban life under Mother Nature’s nose. Pasadena real estate is a market that requires a seasoned and experienced hand when trusting a Pasadena real estate agent to represent you in either buying or selling a home. Make extra certain that your agent has demonstrated success in the Pasadena market as well as one that is licensed and certified. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: