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Home-and-Family Design is an ever growing industry with new products being marketed every year. The manufacturing industry has noticed that people are willing to improve their homes on a continuous basis. They know that homeowners are always looking for new designs and creations. An example of this is window shutters. There is a type for all styles of homes and decor. Because of that, homeowners are not limited to their use. The truth is window shutters are truly useful and not only aesthetically pleasing. For example, they can help the environment by reducing energy costs. At the same time, the homeowner is benefiting from these cost reductions as well. And of course, this is in all types of climates and all seasons. For instance, closing the shutters in the summer time will certainly keep out the sun’s rays which would end up overheating the home. Obviously, the same is true in the winter as it blocks out some of the cold. Besides that, window shutters are simply beautiful elements to be added to any home, regardless of its decor. However, there are different types available to suit the different styles of architecture and decorating. For example, traditional shutters are what are typically used in cafe style shutters. These are typically applied in small windows. The reason being that they have movable louvers that are about an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half. The very popular California shutters are slightly larger, about an inch larger than traditional shutters. These are used in different window styles, allowing plenty of light into a given room and they provide good privacy as well. Plantation shutters are ever popular, and growing more so. These louvers are larger, .ing in at 3 1/2 inches. These are very sought after by consumers and homeowners because they provide them with the best of both worlds. When closed they give total privacy but when opened they give maximum light. This is often the best choice for homeowners with many large windows. Similar to the Californian shutters is the Georgian style. They are close in size, generally around 2 inches. These also provide total privacy and magnificent light, depending on whether they are open or closed. They are simple when .pared to the traditional style and a good option for contemporary style. Finally, there is the Ocean view shutters which have louvers that measure in at about 4 1/2 inches! This is the obvious solution for high-rise condominiums or apartments, as well as lofts which are all equipped with exceedingly large windows. All shutter styles can be used to divide rooms that are too large or to section off an open concept home. However, the Ocean view shutter with its oversize louvers is the best solution to ac.plish this. Whatever window style you need to treat, you can do so successfully using these custom products. Obviously they are custom made because of the need for precision regarding the differing sizes of windows and openings. That means that Palladium style windows, bow windows or even bay windows, skylights or arches can be treated with a window shutter application. Additionally, interior doors can benefit from them as well, providing some privacy and still allowing light to enter when desired. And, consumers can choose from colors and finishes so that they blend with their existing decor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: