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UnCategorized If you were to open a business today, any business, would it be one that sold a one-time item, or something that people kept .ing back for? If I were to put the effort into getting a customer once, I would want to keep them as customer for as long as possible. Earning residual in.e has be.e one of the most popular business models for Internet marketers. Why go through all the effort to get someone to buy just one widget when you can get him or her to pay for your widget and the widget sharpening service every month? Prospective customers usually need to see your ad, product or service several times before they feel .fortable enough to buy. That means getting your ad in front as many people as possible. It’s a numbers game that must be played but why not at least put it to work for you? For your first work at home business you may want to keep costs down and work on just producing any amount of in.e, while still learning the ropes. With residual in.e opportunities, since someone else is earning a residual in.e from your efforts, you should have plenty of support and training from the program you choose. Do not go into a residual in.e opportunity assuming that all you need to do is sign on and pay a small monthly fee and others will do the work for you. If you go in with this mentality you will most likely fail to produce the results your looking for. What to look for in earning residual in.e opportunities Look for as much of a turn-key business system as you can find. The Internet has produced many programs, some are legitimate money making opportunities, and many are scams or schemes. So do your research before spending any money on programs that promise earning residual in.e. Legitimacy is the first thing to look for with any program you are considering. Do a Google search for the program and if it shows up in online Internet marketing forums see what is being said about it. If it has a good reputation on the Internet marketing forums and is well established then you should be in good shape. Training is another thing to look for within the program, especially if you’re new to Internet marketing. It should have a good training website and resources to promote the products and the opportunity itself. Don’t necessarily think that your sponsor will have the time to walk you through everything, as they have a business to run themselves. They should however be able to answers a few questions and point you in he right direction to get the information you need. Earning a residual in.e is one of the best methods to start an online business and learn the basics of Internet marketing. One thing to remember if you are new to Internet marketing or any network marketing in general is that earning residual in.e online will take time and effort. Don’t expect instant results, and don’t think you can buy your way in. One thing is certain, if you don’t start building the foundations to earning a residual in.e, you never will earn one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: