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Jewelry-Diamonds From the moment she was born, Nitsa Rona says, she has loved making things and has looked for beauty in everything she sees. Many years ago, a quick trip to London and a visit to its flea markets inspired her to study the art of metalsmithing. Today I know that its is a wonderful profession. Metalsmithing is alchemy, fueled by the dialogue that runs between the artist and the metal. Metal is a difficult material to tame; working with it is therapeutic and meditative, as you endlessly file, polish and drill. Metalsmithing is technical, but it also has very creative aspects. Ronas studio boasts a large carpentry table surrounded by four workstations. A vast collection of old and new tools, anvils and materials patiently await her touch. Delicate paper trays hold Ronas research and experiments, reminiscent of butterfly display cases in natural history museums. She occasionally adds leather, wood, rubber or plastic to her creations, but Ronas first love is for metal, especiallygold. For me, metal freezes time. As I work, I look for The Definitive Moment, that snapshot of a precise moment when I must stop. Rona adds that metalsmithing can bring quick results; You can take a band of scratched and tarnished metal and turn it into a smooth, shiny ring in just an hour. It was this aspect of metalsmithing that Rona considered 18 years ago when she proposed teaching the profession to youth at risk. Three years ago, after a process of looking inward and rediscovering herself as an artist, she left teaching and opened her own studio. I had to first find my identity as an artist, she explains with a smile, to figure out who I am and how I envision the world. When Rona opened her studio, she focused on making collections. Very quickly she discovered that custom work brought her the most satisfaction. Today Ronas jewelry is all tailor-made; each piece is a unique design made for a particular person and takes into account not only their dreams, desires and personality, but even their overall body shape and the curve of their neck. Every piece of jewelry, Rona says, was born from a story. There was a woman who retired and decided to return to her homeland after 25 years in Israel. She asked me to create a ring for her that would symbolize the time she spent here, her connections to people, to nature and to events in her life. Another piece was born when a business man wanted to surprise his wife with unique jewelry that would reflect their family name, Ofek, which means horizon in Hebrew. Patience and love for people are a major part of this process; fortunately I have lots. Creating a custom order is like preparing an exhibit; the work must meet very high standards. The design must be pure not kitschy, precise in shape, and it must lie perfectly against the skin. Some people come to Rona with a gemstone that they received as a gift; she builds their piece around it, to contain their story. Some come with old jewelry she uses the gold as a raw material. I always say that I want the jewelry I create to be like a USB Flash Drive; Ill fill the metal with energy, meaning, hope, trust and passion. The piece I create should be a unique vessel for someones memories and emotions. Nitsa Rona is married to an architect and they have three daughters. Her handcrafted gold jewelry collections are featured in . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: