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Home-Improvement One visit to the town dock as the sun is setting in Port Washington will seal the deal with any potential home shopper and send them on their mission of finding Port Washington homes for sale! Once you have been in Port Washington for a while you will .e to know why it is called the tourist town without the tourists. Many of the Port Washington homes for sale get sold in just one short weekend and usually at the end of a bidding war and why? Why because of the fantastic attributes that this town possesses! Port Washington is the perfect location to live in if you are looking for the burbs/city setup. Port Washington is just 35 minutes away from Penn Station in New York, which is faster than if you were trying to get to Penn Station from Brooklyn New York. Many of the Port Washington homes for sale are located right by the train station or within walking distance. In fact, you could say that the Port Washington train station is right in the center of the town. This is perhaps the best feature of Port Washington homes for sale. That and the fact that Port Washington is just that, a port, with some of the most beautiful water views you can imagine. And the best part about the train station being the last on the line is the fact that you can always get a seat in the morning and in the evening you cant miss your stop. If you have ever been on the train pulling into the station at 2am in the morning then you will know what I mean. There are always a few people who are wrestling with the two choices at hand; pay $19 for a cab ride back to their town or wait for two hours in the middle of the night for the 4am train back to their town. Touch choice huh? For those who live in Port Washington, this is a problem they will never face and hence why you should look for Port Washington homes for sale. One of the way people stumble on Port Washington homes for sale is by .ing to the town for The North Shore Animal League. The North Shore Animal League of Port Washington is very famous and brings in people by the droves to find Port Washington homes for sale. With all of its fantastic advertisement campaigns and large billboard ads it attracts thousands of people a month that otherwise would never have heard of Port Washington. Once in the town newbies are mesmerized with the beauty and features and small town feeling of Port Washington. Once all of this takes hold the next trip out is to find Port Washington homes for sale and then it begins, a new family generation to be brought up in the lovely Port Washington! The best reason of all to look for a Port Washington homes for sale is its incredible ability to maintain the value of its real estate continuously. You see, after that dreadful August of two years ago when everything when into the dumps in the real estate market and the average cost of a house fell on average at around 15%, Port Washington homes for sale maintained their value and in some cases increased over 10%! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: