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7 this week on the list of blue chip Hong Kong market focus tilt Hong Kong Budget hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Hong Kong level2 market through Sina Hong Kong News February 22nd news agency revealed, according to the Hongkong Economic Daily reported, the Lantern Festival as a busy week kicked off, accounting for the proportion of 22% of the blue chip "HSI scores" to be announced, including HSBC (00005) performance is good or bad, will provide clues to the Hong Kong stock trend this week. Although the atmosphere of the city has improved, investors are cautious, and Hong Kong stocks are expected to fall from 19000 to 19500. This week, a number of key events announced, including seven industries including finance, real estate and gaming of the blue chip, will be announced in performance in the week, the budget will be announced on Wednesday, and the group of 20 (G20) finance ministers and central bank officials meeting held in Shanghai on Friday and Saturday. The chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission changed personnel on Saturday. After Xiao Gang stepped down, Liu Shiyu, the former chairman of ABC (01288), took over. According to the statistics of the 2 new commission chairman after playing, HSI are weak. DBS (Hongkong) senior securities strategy consultant Deng Weixin believes that Xiao Gang’s resignation has been around for several months in the market, so he has little influence on the implementation of outgoing material stocks, most will only have transient excitatory effects on the Hong Kong stock market, believe that Liu Shiyu took office after the first task is to rebuild market confidence, and then proceed with the Shenzhen Hong Kong through open market measures. Recently decided to move the headquarters in Britain today will be associated with HSBC, Hang Seng (00011) announced the results. Bloomberg forecasts the median earnings of 17 brokerages by 16% to $21 billion 640 million last year, focusing on the cost cutting plan and the sustainability of the Asian business. Morgan: the U.S. interest rate hike, Hong Kong and Hong Kong net interest margin Deng Weixin said that the market has been psychologically prepared for HSBC performance, the stock price has also been reflected, expected earnings growth is not strong last year, is expected to continue to rise in Hong Kong stocks, but in 19500 to 20000 points resistance. Lu Tingwei, a global investment strategist at Morgan asset management, is cautious about bank shares, which means that the market is worried about whether the bad debt rate of bank loans will deteriorate, and that the pace of interest rate hike in the United States will slow down, or the net interest margin of Hong Kong banks will constitute a pressure. He added that the recent China economic data than expected, the people’s Bank and to maintain liquidity in the market, good market atmosphere, but the Hong Kong stock market outlook is still tied to oil prices, economic data and the dollar, so he is inclined to hold the public telecommunications and earnings growth and stable dividend. Charge treasure: we can still bargain hunting to rebound Robeco investment management Chinese chief investment officer Miu Zimei is optimistic that monetary policy easing the mainland premise, big city is expected to rebound is still unfinished, at least until the performance period of material gains or the end of the Fed interest rate before and after March, suggest that investors can still buy the decline, the fundamentals preferred shares. Blue chips listed in the United States 7蓝筹本周放榜掀动港股走势 市场聚焦港预算案 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪港股讯 2月22日消息,据香港经济日报报道,元宵佳节为繁忙的一周揭开序幕,占恒指比重22%的蓝筹股“成绩表”即将揭晓,包括汇丰(00005)等业绩好坏,将为港股本周走势提供端倪。大市气氛虽好转,但投资者取态仍审慎,港股料于19000至19500点之间上落。   本周有多项关键事件公布,包括七只行业包括金融、地产及濠赌的蓝筹,将于周内陆续宣布业绩,周三将公布财政预算案,而20国集团(G20)财长及央行官员会议则于周五及周六在上海举行。   中证监主席上周六出现人事变动,肖钢下台后,农行(01288)前董事长刘士余接任。据本报统计对上2次新任中证监主席上场后,恒指走势均偏弱。   星展(香港)高级证券策略顾问邓威信认为,肖钢下台的消息已在市场流传多月,故他落实离任对港股料影响不大,最多只会对港股有短暂兴奋作用,相信刘士余上任后首要任务是重整市场信心,然后再着手处理深港通等市场开放措施。   日前决定将总部留在英国的汇丰,今日将联同恒生(00011)公布去年业绩。彭博资讯综合17家券商的中位数预测,汇丰去年税前盈利增长16%至216.4亿美元,惟关注削减成本计划、亚洲业务能否持续增长(详见另文――“汇丰增长遇困 持续增派息成疑”)。   摩根:美缓加息 碍港银净息差   邓威信称,市场对汇丰业绩已有心理准备,股价亦已反映,预期去年盈利增长不强,预期港股仍可延续升势,惟在19500至20000点有阻力。   摩根资产管理环球投资策略师陆庭伟对银行股持审慎态度,指市场忧虑银行内地贷款的坏帐率会否恶化,而美国加息步伐放慢,或对本港银行的净息差构成压力。   他续称,近期中国经济数据较预期理想,加上人民银行致力保持市场流动性,利好市场气氛,惟港股后市仍系于油价、经济数据及美元走势,故他现阶段倾向持有公用及电讯等盈利增长稳定的高息股。   荷宝:反弹未完 现仍可低吸   荷宝投资管理中国首席投资总监缪子美则较乐观,认为内地货币政策维持宽松大前提下,大市反弹预期仍未完,料升势至少维持到业绩期尾声或联储局3月议息前后,建议投资者现时仍可买入跌幅大、基本面佳的股份。   蓝筹股在美国挂牌的预托证券(ADR)普遍下跌,汇丰ADR折算收报50.05元,较港上周五收市价低0.4%,建行(00939)及工行(01398)均跌逾1%;3股约拉低恒指约33点。   倘港股今日开市反映蓝筹股外围表现,恒指料低开约84点。   撰文:陈韵妍 翁春妮     进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: