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7359 points! CBA history of the first foreign aid! Ah god horse behind him, Harris is a scoring machine sina sports 2016-17 CBA season opener, the defending champion Sichuan team in the final 110 to 89 victory over Beikong team, harvest the new season opener. The game, Harris played 37 minutes and 22 seconds, averaged 39 points, 10 rebounds, "indecent" he is still unable to solve the problem of the opponent. This is Harris’s ninth season in the CBA campaign, as the most scored foreign aid in the history of CBA, the success of the CBA in the is worth too much peer learning and learning. Foreigners make CBA, to achieve success and win recognition is very simple: score, keywords. Keep score, the more critical time is to take over the ball, so that we can yangmingliwan. From this perspective, Harris has not much. Beikong strength is relatively weak, the gap is not small compared with the defending champion. After all, this is the opener, the eyes of the national fans gathered here, even the Sichuan team, the pressure can be imagined. At the beginning of the game, both of you come to me, to each other, the Sichuan team has failed to open up the situation. During this period, Harris is on the situation. He first back singles, followed by forced shot from the distance. The most wonderful ball in the last paragraph of the first section, Meng Da was shot in Harris in three defensive players in the containment won the offensive rebounds, then forced off, distracted from the gaps blaze trail score. "The use of the body, Harris is really just perfect," CCTV guest commentator Zhang Yunsong sigh. The first section is small, then the game, especially in the second half, Harris completely carry audience. In the third quarter, in the premise of him feel has not open under the Harris lead both to look like back like that in three point field dry Stubbs succeeded, and as the striker, the use of fake dragon hit. More importantly, he can be back as the center of the singles, or turned back or cut into the button, the score of this link, for Harris, it always looks so easy. In this section, Sichuan won Beikong 18 points (36 to 18), one of which Harris had dropped 17 points to put the game out of suspense. This is the real Harris, this is the most difficult of Harris. He is 1 meters tall and weighs about 95 kilograms. He is about 98 meters tall. He also worked in the NBA veteran, but his evaluation is always playing inside the lack of height, fast enough to play outside. But to the CBA, these characteristics of the moment he turned into an advantage: playing number three, the opponent did not he Zhuang; hit four opponents did not he fast. On the pitch, in the Harris can always find out exactly the opponent defense vulnerabilities facing short back or forward, he often use the advantage of the body back to the body strong. In the face of The horses and men are strong. the big center, he tends to withdraw three pointers, the use of the pace and speed of surface to attack the basket. The perfect combination of speed and strength, so he became a CBA foreign aid "indecent" model. In fact, since the beginning of the war in 2007 CBA, which has been Harris’s label. Everyone knows his character, but he can’t help himself. East)相关的主题文章: