A new way to view the appearance of the new Q5 interior, the car from the 70 thousand Guangzhou Auto mycoolboy

The new Tiguan appearance with new Q5 interior, the car of 70 thousand Guangzhou auto show listed Sohu China automobile car market more quickly in this year’s rhythm and speed and is no longer the past slowly follow the prescribed order rhythm, a campaign to get listed a good few years have not been in with a car if released the news, but also long time not see a trace of words, his own users and the market will be occupied, because the car has become a necessity of life, a slight exaggeration to say that, when people want to change or to buy a car, do not hesitate to change the car to buy a mobile phone like straightforward, fancy, in line with the budget, credit card away, but never with a messy, many joint ventures did not seem to adapt to the rhythm, such as new tiguan, As a pivotal position in a joint venture vehicle compact SUV, new Tiguan in news release at the beginning of the heat and has a very high degree of concern is normal, whether or not his love, love him or want to see the new generation car how to grow into what appearance, however also, the interior is also known, also learned a general configuration, power is no doubt still the three resort, but he is not listed, and now people are impatient and even not interested. Another German cars Audi Q5 is also the focus of priority among priorities, its status as the Tiguan, and a higher level, in the luxury SUV market, he served for a long period of time to the king, but recently, GLC XT5, found that God charged models and so on, in addition it is relatively old models in his next generation successor is also of particular concern, however, the new generation of Q5 while at the Paris auto show has been released, but also need to enter the home for a long period of time, people can only silently waiting for him. But for the true love of the two models of consumers, not really wait until they are listed on the Guangzhou auto show, will launch a new brand new car, but the car joyear X5, the appearance is not one hundred percent from the new Tiguan, but the front face of the grille bar is very similar, the whole body the shape and lines is also a deep German fan, although compared to those of other radical models, his style is relatively more moderate, but this is really the German fans love the other. Sitting in the car, you will have a Paris auto show to reproduce the feeling, though in many places there are quite a lot of changes, but the design style and language, you have to admit that with the new Audi Q5 a taste of this style through the outlet strip looks more coordinated, air conditioning panel. The original inclined design has become flat and neat, looks more in line with the aesthetic standards of the people, and his large metal drawing and dark trim, the overall effect is very good. Compared to the previous generation models, his size and power system has undergone great changes, the new car’s length and width were 45151812 1725mm, wheelbase 2720mm, the maximum depth of the trunk up to 1690mm. The suspect相关的主题文章: