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A 3T overall exposure to IMX398 is the biggest bright spot – Sohu digital mobile phone China [news] reports in November 15th released a plus mobile phone 3T, there is a complete product details page in the network leaked, the configuration is so clearly in front of the whole, compared to a mobile phone plus 3 or improved quite a lot, but buy, let’s look at it. A mobile phone with 3T in the design basically does not have what change, its change is mainly reflected in the hardware configuration, can be roughly grouped into four points, one is the upgrade Xiaolong 821 processor; the two is the replacement of the IMX398 sensor, with dual focus and F1.7 large aperture; three memory is increased to 128GB; the four is the battery upgrade to 3300mAh. These four improvements to make a plus phone 3T become more perfect, especially the use of new sensors, the camera will have a larger upgrade. Price is said to be 2799 yuan 64GB, 128GB $2999. What about? With four upgrades plus a mobile phone 3T has no cause you chop hand heart?相关的主题文章: