After Gianna Jun, Satomi Ishihara has become a sales guarantee! She painted lips are not fire 9c8814

After Gianna Jun, Satomi Ishihara has become a sales guarantee! She painted lip all the fire is not in addition, actress first met actor, two people falling in love at first sight, the mouth clean is orange pink lip gloss, moist and plump feeling, let look good, it will speed up the pace of love is coming. "Nine": North Korea five nude lip performed together with the rumored boyfriend Tomohisa Yamashita "5 9", Ishihara Somi played the English cram school teacher, often wear nude, camel, suit. In order to collocation capable character, the use of naked color lip gloss, not too much publicity, is working the favorite color. Although the nude color sense is not so strong, rub in Satomi Ishihara’s lips or rich beauty, incredibly sexy! "Love of chocolate": pink lip position of Satomi Ishihara in the "love of chocolate" post as a glamorous wife, to seduce a man of first-class technology! Often sell her adorable mouth, rubbed on the pink lip gloss, look innocent and special woman, always seduce actor Matsumoto Jun for her surprise kiss, let all the female fans can follow the heart itch, thus led to a wave of pink lip gloss. "Kim," petty girl: Strawberry pink in the play, Satomi Ishihara was like a rabbit like an innocent face, with occasional nagging, sometimes is super serious expression, lovely and natural acting, let sajangnime hots for her. In the play in order to show the sweet fresh temperament, is the use of strawberry milk color lip gloss, this sweet color, can let the boys think super cute, could not help but want to kiss it. Don’t forget to emphasize lips moist texture of Satomi Ishihara’s lips are very full, want to imitate her lips, her lip can be painted a little exaggeration, increase the proportion of the lip on the face, can show more impressive beauty lips temptation. In addition, lip gloss texture should emphasize moist texture, in the end, lipstick or Lip Glaze, don’t forget to overlay a lip gloss, let lips full of luster, become unable to hide greeds. Draw a perfect lip before the lip tips to create perfect lips, lip texture itself is very important, lip color too deep and dark, or lip wrinkles too deep, will make big points lovely lips. The usual home, don’t forget to put the lip completely unloaded clean, don’t think just finished things, lip gloss will fall, do not discharge, some pigment can be adsorbed on the lips, there is no long-term discharge clean, easily become dark without light. Then a week and don’t forget to help the lips to the 1 cutins, with the body and facial skin need to exfoliate regularly for the same reason, help lip exfoliating, helps restore lip muscle newborn, bright and healthy. Finally, the most important is the lip balm! Carry, at any time to repair, help keep the water running, especially in autumn and winter, but also to avoid the cold wind, dry air caused by dry lines, peeling oh!相关的主题文章: