Amazing gorgeous! Methods of the Lord Megumi Kato and female passers-by do pre-sale pgd-426

Amazing gorgeous! "Methods" of the Lord Megumi Kato and female passers-by do pre-sale ANIPLEX company today (September 17th) announced the sale of a "female main form of animation by" the heroine Megumi Kato’s hand, the hand dressed in colorful kimono, very eye-catching. The model is made according to the deep Qi Twilight illustrator drawing illustrations for works, faithfully reproduce the painting details, very beautiful. Megumi Kato wore a gorgeous Sakura headdress, wearing a pink kimono, feather fabric on drawing a large number of cherry blossoms, color from shallow to deep, feather weave kimono is the plum blossom design slightly deep pink with, also equipped with a band of young and blue decoration floriation, not often fine, let us enjoy the details! In the 2016 Tokyo game show can be seen in the figure of the object, in addition, there are Chinese pear kimono gray mold, and Xia hill Shiyu map, and this set of "the methods" passers-by series of figures is very gorgeous, quite worth the wait. Megumi Kato figures from September 17th to October 31st during the scheduled delivery time is scheduled for July 2017. Price of 12000 yen (about RMB 788), like fans do not miss oh! Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: