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The criminal psychology behind the analysis of silver case: no precise plan consciousness "– science and technology — original title: behind the serial analysis of silver rape and murder crime psychological OPULENS" 8? 05 "series of female rape murder case (mainly due to the silver crime, hereinafter referred to as the" silver case ") successfully solved. The task force identified it as "a case of sexual perversion". 14 years, the incident from the 11, killing 11 people. The cruel criminal behavior is the psychological problems also shiver all over though not cold, become the focus of many people. "Unconscious" sophisticated silver case, rumors suspect Gao Chengyong because of red clothes move out from here, making a cardinal in silver disappeared. In this regard, Osaka University education psychology in silver live know almost told reporters: "because the victims are generally killed in their own homes. So, the perpetrators and victims either know, or that the perpetrators spent a lot of time trailing exploration. The crime is not the only life, the perpetrators of these things in the work in Yugan, you need to find their own work of the object of crime, must spend a lot of time and energy." She believes that this is the beginning of several cases separated by several years of crime reasons. While the actual contact of juvenile silver has a confession: crime before imagined crime scene, seemingly in daily learning on the road on the plan, are consciously looking for the object of the crime, and they are not even aware of all this in a planned manner. Silverwave cited research on Japanese science police "this is how to choose the victims?" The survey shows: 37.2% of the perpetrators will not feel the victim alarm; 36.1% looks more honest, not to fight; 28.3% women walking alone; 21.3% choose not to be caught; 15.5% looks very weak. Silverwave said, the conclusion is the biggest victims of sex offenders choose reason, and not the other what to wear, what kind of industry, but the other side looks will not resist, will not alarm, they have no chance of committing crime and conditions. And the most important reason for the sexual violence against women and children in the sex industry. Do you still believe that "Gao Chengyong" is just a "spur of the moment"? "Sexual violence is more like the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ministry of public security official said the micro-blog game", according to Gao Chengyong confession, he spent most of his 14 years of crime during daylight, the trailing stalking or long term observations directly into the women’s residence, were raped or necrophilia. "The implementation of sexual violence is not simply to satisfy their sexual desire is so simple, there is often a desire for success, fun, control, psychological and emotional health, and even related to their own choice and independence, etc.." Silverwave said. Zhang introduced a very representative case: a Japanese person to work during the day is a normal white-collar workers, a home began to browse the yellow web site became abnormal uncle. There are a lot of illegal pornographic video site, after he read that he can do, and the goal of locking the high school students. He doesn’t go to work basically相关的主题文章: