Android 7.1 will be unveiled as well as two nexus phones (video) ddrtys

Android 7.1 will be unveiled and two Nexus mobile phone Tencent digital news (Translation: Esther) Google has just begun to push Android 7 Nougat system update from August 22nd, and now there is news about the Android 7.1. Android 7 started pro test: split screen multitasking praise since Google said it will begin to take regular updating strategy from Android since 7, there Android fans began to speculate that Android 7.1 will appear in the upcoming HTC Nexus Marlin and Sailfish two new machine. Now there is a group of 7.1 Android from the Android system developers controller crash reports screenshot, the first developer preview version of the system update before Google has promised to Nougat will be released this fall, so now Android distance of 7.1 light phase should also not too long time. In addition, from the Reddit user David Twitter, Google’s new generation of Nexus smart phones will also be accompanied by Android 7.1 system to meet us. He also posted a Android 7 version of the Nougat system update the roadmap, from beginning to end Android 7.1 Android a total of 8 regular updates between 7.1.7, although not to determine whether the version number by modifying the above, but for now, Android 7.1 and Android 7.1.1 already exists, and Google has been tested. Source: phonearena相关的主题文章: