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The quality of service to enhance the telecommunications industry — home appliances — original title: quality of service to enhance the telecommunications industry (appliance industry wide) the State Quality Inspection Administration, Chinese quality promotion recently announced its insurance, home appliances, telecommunications and other industries the level of service quality thorough investigation, issued a white paper entitled "typical problems" the service field of nine. The white paper pointed out that with the concept of quality is gradually accepted by the enterprise, this year the industry service quality level has improved compared to last year, but there are still no guarantee, customer service service door-to-door service to rural areas typical problems. The white paper pointed out that the 24 hour telephone service has been basically popularized, but there exist problems. In the thorough investigation, repeatedly call a certain brand of household electrical appliance enterprises to be switched on after the busy service hotline, telephone voice prompts Business Hours as early as 8 to 8 pm, according to the prompt leave mobile phone number, but it has not received a business call. The other found in Nanjing visits, Korea electric washing machine and Philip refrigerator within 30 minutes of continuous call three service hotline, which is no answer and the busy state. A security door enterprise users received a rescue call, even with "to go into the door of the hotel," "hit 110 not solved all sorts of shirk" words. In the on-site service, although 24 hours door-to-door service basically popularized in the city, but for the majority of rural consumers, is a luxury, in some remote rural areas, consumers can enjoy the service customer service only repair. Even if the service hotline, providing on-site service, good service attitude, polite, but also may be a poor professional level, can not solve the problem. Either the tool is not complete, accessories are not neat, or check the reason for half a day can not find fault. A good, once in place is often difficult to do, so that consumers spend a lot of time. Beijing consumers to buy a certain brand of notebook computer, it did not take long for the screen flashing, exposure and other quality problems, to the general agent in maintenance, repair after a few days, and relapse, three times in a row after the repair, the fault is still not resolved, but Tim something new crash, the consumer repeatedly complained about the "high tech and low service". Service network, there are still fewer service outlets, short operating time, spare parts supply cycle and other issues, can not provide consumers with convenient and timely service. For example, many companies do not maintain the service outlets weekend, the user off the premises also work, so that consumers are very convenient. In some industries, consumer information leakage problem is quite prominent. The survey found that many pregnant women, children are not born, milk powder, baby hair, photography calls constantly, some Yuesao, maternal fitness salesman even home door. After buying a car, a variety of auto finance, insurance marketing business has been. The white paper also paid special attention to the quality of service providers micro, pointing out that the existence of market confusion, uneven product quality, after-sales service and other issues difficult to protect. Due to the micro business by many individuals, and individuals often do not have the ability to service, resulting in a product problem, the problem of small delays to solve, the problem will not be solved. Because a single transaction amount less)相关的主题文章: